Tom Cruise body-shamed on Internet after sporting a puffy face at baseball game

Tom Cruise body-shamed on Internet after sporting a puffy face at baseball game
Tom Cruise was body-shamed on the Internet after being photographed with a puffy face at a baseball game with son Connor on October 10 (Twitter)

Tom Cruise was spotted looking noticeably different at a baseball game with his son Connor. The 'Top Gun' actor, when in his prime, had one of the sharpest jawlines in the industry. That appeared to be a thing of the past, it's clear from his recent outing but for fans, the charm is timeless. However, sick trolls on the Internet decided to have a field day after photos from the game emerged on social media and the 'Knight and Day' actor is being fat-shamed for his "pudgy face". 

Speaking of being body-shamed, big names in the industry have gone been at the receiving end of nasty comments. For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio was laughed at on social media after he went on vacation in 2014, for his lack of six-pack abs. Vin Diesel was laughed at for sporting a paunch in 2015 photos. Howard Stern once mocked Sam Smith on his radio show in 2015 saying, "Do you know what I love about that guy? He’s an ugly motherf---er. He’s fat. And I love it." Rob Kardashian has constantly been scrutinized for not having a perfect body like his sisters and half-sisters. 


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'Has he simply had way too much botox?'

Tom Cruise's face became the subject of a hot discussion on the Internet after he was photographed at Game 2 of the National League Division Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants on October 10. Cruise was being his own charming self, smiling and waving to fans while enjoying the game, even obliging for selfies, however, once these photos hit the Internet, it all went south and a lot of nasty comments were made about the former superstar's visage. 



"What up with his face? Looks like a Tom Cruise picture on a balloon," wrote a user. "What the f**k happened to Tom Cruise? Yikes is that a Prednisone moon-face? Looks like he’s been on a decade long bender or has he simply had way too much botox and fillers?" another user wrote suggesting it's botox that's responsible for Cruise's new look. "Again, celebrities, please listen: those fillers are NOT doing the things for your face that you think they are & we are more than disturbed by the uncanny valley of it all… #TomCruise #NDLS" another tweeted. "When did Tom Cruise’s face swell into a Delco Dad who frequents Maggie O’Neill’s?" asked another fan. "Tom is aging. Fat Face Fatigue. FFF," remarked another. 






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