How did Drew Scott chip his tooth? Jonathan Scott reveals reason in BTS pic of 'Property Brother' star

How did Drew Scott chip his tooth? Jonathan Scott reveals reason in BTS pic of 'Property Brother' star
Drew Scott (inset) recently chipped his tooth (@jonathanscott and @mrdrewscott/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Drew Scott is recuperating from a dental emergency that occurred just hours before he was due to appear live on QVC with his brother Jonathan Scott to market their newest home decor goods. Now, fans are maybe getting the real reason for what caused such a disaster.

On March 9, 2023, the HGTV personality disclosed his tooth situation on social media, showing off his silly look in one picture and sharing another picture from a dentist's office, hoping for a fast repair before the Scott brothers' two-hour live appearance. Drew made it to Jonathan's Los Angeles backyard on time, tooth intact, for the program in which the pair appeared virtually to share their latest Scott Living home and garden products, while QVC star David Venable presented the on-air event from the channel's Pennsylvania offices. When David referenced Drew's journey to the dentist before starting to demonstrate their new products, the 'Property Brothers' actor flashed his new smile for the camera. And, while Jonathan hasn't remarked on his brother's suffering, it's possible he felt his brother's agony all afternoon as the twins have admitted to feeling each other's bodily distress.


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Jonathan Scott reveals the mystery behind Drew Scott's broken tooth

Drew first informed followers of his tooth problem on Instagram by sharing a humorous video in his Stories, in which he slowly smiled to show his goofy-looking mouth. Later, he shared a photo while relaxing in a dentist chair, wearing a bib around his neck and exposing his chipped tooth. "We’re going live on @qvc in less than 6 hours and I just chipped my tooth...," he wrote. "This could get interesting 😬🦷," he added.

Drew also shared a picture of his crooked smile on his and his wife Linda's "At Home" Instagram account, captioning it, "Today was a good day😬."

Now, weeks after the disaster, Drew's brother Jonathan took to Instagram to share a photo of what could be a hint as to how Drew chipped his tooth. Drew can be seen attempting to take a huge bite of a brick sandwich in a hilarious BTS from the sets of their series 'Forever Home' posted by Jonathan. Tagging his brother, Drew wrote, "Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it @mrdrewscott 🤣 #ForeverHome."


Despite the fact that the post was intended to amuse their followers, Drew's snarky remark kept the act going. "No thanks, I already broke one tooth…," he responded.

Fans joined in on the merriment between the two Scott Brothers, who appeared to be more bent on the brick sandwich hypothesis.

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Drew flaunts newly-repaired smile on live TV

When David inquired about Drew's trip to the dentist during their QVC, he didn't say how his tooth was fixed, but the 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' host strolled up to the TV camera on Jonathan's back patio to show off his newly-repaired grin. "Oh my gosh, I’m gonna come close, how do I look?" he inquired as he approached the camera. "A few hours before coming here, I chipped my tooth! I looked like Jim Carrey in ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ but I think it looks pretty good now."

"Oh no," David exclaimed. "Well, hopefully they gave you good meds, and you’re feeling okay."

"I feel great," Drew told David, a recipe author. "It was on a piece of toast! If it was something you cooked up, I’m sure I would have been fine."

Season 7 of their hit series 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on HGTV. 

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 What happened to Drew Scott's teeth? Jonathan Scott reveals reason