'Batwoman' star Ruby Rose alleges bullying, work abuse made her leave show

Ruby Rose detailed toxic behavior on sets and the dangerous working conditions that left a woman with third-degree burns and another quadriplegic

                            'Batwoman' star Ruby Rose alleges bullying, work abuse made her leave show
Ruby Rose accused CW executives, 'Batwoman' showrunner Caroline Dries, and actor Dougray Scott of contributing to toxic working conditions on set (Instagram/rubyrose)

Update: Warner Bros Television, the studio behind the CW drama has responded to former star Ruby Rose’s scathing attack on the show, its producers and former co-star Dougray Scott as well as the studio’s former top executive. Deadline reveals that Warner Bros. TV corroborates Rose’s claim that she was fired from the show, but calls Rose’s account “revisionist history”.

“Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online aimed at the producers, the cast and crew, the network, and the Studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to exercise its option to engage Ruby for season two of ‘Batwoman’ based on multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were extensively reviewed and handled privately out of respect for all concerned, " read the statement. A source with knowledge of Rose’s exit says that investigations into these complaints about Rose went on for months before Warner Bros TV chose not to pick up her option for Season 2.


Ruby Rose's exit from 'Batwoman' series in May 2020 shocked fans as the announcement came at the end of a decently successful Season 1. The model and actress had kept mum about her decision to quit the show and just left saying her exit was "difficult" on her. More than one year later, Rose made several bombshell revelations through her Instagram page, accusing the cast, executives, and showrunner of contributing to making the set environment toxic. She alleged that her safety was compromised, she and the rest of the crew watched the skin fall off a woman's face from third-degree burns, and that one person on the set ended up a quadriplegic. 

Javicia Leslie replaced Ruby Rose as Kate Kane in 'Batwoman' season one until she suffered two slipped discs. Apart from talking about a latex allergy from the costume, Rose had remained silent on the full story, leaving it at, "those who know, know." However, she revealed she's going to come for the ones who wronged her on set so that the others don't have to face the same horrors. Rose has leveled accusations against some very big names from the industry. In the past, we've reported on Kylie Jenner's makeup brand being accused of forcing workers to work in horrific conditions. Jeff Bezos's Amazon has been slammed by former workers time after time for poor working conditions. 


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What happened to Ruby Rose on the set of 'Batwoman'?

Rose launched an attack on CW executives, the showrunner, and former cast member Dougray Scott for allegedly creating horrific working conditions on set for her and the rest of the cast and crew members. Among the allegations, Rose says their production didn't shut down even when the rest of the shows did because of Covid-19. The halt happened only after the government intervened. Rose said she was gaslighted to report back to work without making a full recovery for serious injuries if she didn't want the entire crew to lose their jobs. 

Rose said showrunner Caroline Dries only came on set three or four times a year and was being hasty about wrapping up the shoot during Covid. Rose said she suffered an injury so close to the eye that she could have ended up blind. Rose said a woman suffered third-degree burns on her entire body and the entire crew had to watch the skin fall off the victim's face. No one was offered therapy after witnessing the graphic incident. Rose accused WB TV executive Peter Roth of making women steam iron his pants in the crotch area while wearing the said pants. She alleged Roth had appointed a PI to investigate her after she left the series. Rose said she would never return to the show even with a gun to her head. CW and the other people she named have yet to respond to these allegations. 

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