High1 Seoul Music Awards 2021 Best Performers: Top 10 collabs featuring Seventeen, (G)I-dle, Ateez, Iz*one and more

Ateez who won the Bonsang award at the SMA, slayed the ‘doll concept’ stage and performed their two hit tracks ‘Utopia’ and ‘Inception’

                            High1 Seoul Music Awards 2021 Best Performers: Top 10 collabs featuring Seventeen, (G)I-dle, Ateez, Iz*one and more
Iz*one, Treasure (KBS Joy Live/ Treasure maker Twitter)

High1 Seoul Music Awards kicked off its 30th edition with a stunning collaboration stage featuring Hyunjae of The Boyz, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, IZ*ONE’s Eunbi, Itzy’s Lia, Ateez’s Jongho and Stray Kids’ Seungmin. The group paid tribute to veteran boy group Shinwa by singing their song ‘Once in a Lifetime’. Here are the top 10 performances of the Seoul Music Awards that won the internet and were hailed as the best stage performances of the K-pop group.

Along with a number of iconic performances from the K-pop groups, the 30th SMA also celebrated the K-pop groups that reached new heights with their music this year. Grammy-nominated group BTS won the Best Song and Best Album award along with the main award Bonsang. Along with BTS, Stray Kids, Monsta X, Nu’est, Oh My Girl, Iz*one, Twice, TXT and Seventeen also won the main award Bonsang. SM Entertainment’s rookie girl group Aespa, Big Hit Entertainment’s rookie group Enhypen and YG Entertainment’s super rookie group Treasure won the Rookie of the year award.

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Top 10 performances


Ateez who won the Bonsang award at the SMA slayed the ‘doll concept’ stage and performed their two hit tracks ‘Utopia’ and ‘Inception’. Fans hailed the group’s performance as the best of SMA. A fan said, “BRO THIS INTRO WILL GO DOWN IN AS ATEEZ BEST INTO HISTORY!”


Check the performance here.



Twice also won the Bonsang award at the 30th SMA and performed their hit tracks ‘More and More’ and ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ with their sharp choreography. Fans were overjoyed to see Jeongyeon back. The OT9 performances made fans nostalgic as a fan said, “I feel so happy that i finally saw OT9 TWICE again!” Watch their performance here.




YG Entertainment’s rookie group who also won the Best Rookie group award along with Enhypen and Aespa and performed ‘Slow Motion’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘My Treasure’, the hit tracks from their debut projects. A fan said, "TREASURE'S PERFORMANCE ARE ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL! ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONG OF TREASURE SLOW MOTION WAS PERFORMED LIVE TODAY! CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS GIVING US THE BEST PERFORMANCE OUR TREASURE!” Watch the performance here.




Iz*one looked magical in their fairytale outfits pulling of high notes smoothly and delivering three of their iconic tracks ‘Really Like You’ ‘Sequence’, ‘Panorama’ and ‘Slow Journey’. A fan commented, “In the past, IZ*ONE saw WANNAONE performance which gave a message of tears and thanks to fans [ SMA 2019 ], and now IZONE is doing that in [ SMA 2021 ] and making all wizones cry..” 




TXT who won the Bonsang award at 30th SMA, performed their hit tracks ‘We Lost The Summer’ and ‘Blue Hour’, and fans were amazed at the Big Hit’s K-pop group always delivering something new with the performance. Check out the performance here.



(G)I-dle won the Best Performance award at the Seoul Music Awards and performed their latest hit track ‘Hwaa’ released on January 11, 2021, which has already won Inkigayo, M Countdown, Music Bank, and more awards. Watch their performance here.



Nu’est also snagged the Bonsang trophy and performed their popular tracks ‘I’m in Trouble’, ‘Moon Dance’ and ‘Drive’. A fan said, “once again congratulations nu'est for winning the bonsang at sma and thank you for giving us another amazing performance today,, im so proud of you guys!”


Watch the performance here.


The Boyz

The Boyz won the trophy of ‘Best Performance’ at the SMA and performed Intro and ‘The Stealer’. A fan said, "tbz was so sexy to perform this after getting best performance!!"


Monsta X

Monsta X snagged a Bonsang aka main award at the Seoul Music Award and performed a number of their hit tracks including ‘Love Killa’, ‘Last Carnival’, and ‘Night View’. Watch their spectacular performance here.



Seventeen’s performance was saved for the very end and boy, did they deliver! The K-pop group won the Bonsang award and set fire on the SMA stage with their hit tracks ‘Falling Flower’, ‘All My Love’ and ‘Home: Run’. A fan said, “seventeen could literally perform the same song all over again but still serve as if we have never seen it before and leave everyone speechless with their concepts, visuals, vocals, talents, synchronization, sugar, spice, and everything nice.”



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