Here is everything you need to know about Netflix's 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2

Here is everything you need to know about Netflix's 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2
Netflix's 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2 is set to release in May 2023 (Youtube/Netflix)

JOHANNESBURG: Netflix ventured into the world of African reality television with the release of 'Young, Famous & African' in 2022. As the first original African reality show on the streaming platform, the series showcases the glamorous lives of some of the continent's most prominent celebrities. From music icons to entertainment industry darlings, the show's stars hail from various African countries, but they all converge in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The show's co-creator, Peace Hyde, believes that 'Young, Famous & African' is an opportunity to change the world's perception of Africa. With a cast of charismatic and ambitious individuals, the show is bound to offer a fresh perspective on the continent's culture and its thriving entertainment industry. So if you're ready to immerse yourself in the world of African celebrities and all the drama that comes with it, be sure to check out the trailer and get ready for an exciting ride.


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When will 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2 release?

'Young, Famous & African' Season 2 is set to premiere worldwide on May 19, 2023. 

How can I watch 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2?

One can watch 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2 on Netflix.

Who are the participants in 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2?

Netflix has finally given fans a sneak peek of the second season of its highly-anticipated series, 'Young, Famous & African', and it's bringing in a fresh wave of excitement with some new faces. Among the newcomers is the Ghanaian-American rapper Fantana, whose unique sound and dynamic style are sure to make a splash. Also joining the fabulous cast is South African entertainment industry icon Bonang Matheba, known for her fashion sense, business acumen, and magnetic personality. And last but certainly not least, Namibian reality TV star and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Luis Munana, brings his charm and business savvy to the group.

Of course, the returning cast members are just as impressive as ever. South African actress, media personality, and businesswoman, Khanyi Mbau, brings her fearless attitude and sharp wit to the table. Nigerian actress and entertainer, Annie Macaulay–Idibia, brings her infectious energy and talent to the mix. Tanzanian entrepreneur, Zari Hassan, continues to impress with her savvy business skills and larger-than-life personality. Tanzanian star and music heartthrob, Diamond Platnumz, is sure to keep fans swooning with his smooth vocals and charismatic presence. The cast also includes some familiar faces, such as South African media personality, Andile Ncube, who brings his effortless charm and charisma to the show. Nigerian superstar stylist, Swanky Jerry, brings his unique fashion sense and undeniable talent to the table.


South African DJ, radio host, and reality TV celebrity, Naked DJ, continues to impress with his musical prowess and larger-than-life personality. South African-Zimbabwean rapper and entertainer, Nadia Nakai, brings her fierce attitude and musical talent to the group. South African fitness enthusiast and semi-professional footballer, Kayleigh Schwark, brings her impressive athleticism and positive energy to the show. And last but certainly not least, Nigerian music icon, 2Baba Idibia, returns with his legendary talent and musical prowess. 




What is 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2 all about?

The unscripted series, 'Young, Famous & African', returns to Netflix for Season 2 with a few new cast members added to the mix. The newly released teaser trailer showcases the existing cast members living the high life and indulging in the luxuries that come with residing in the wealthiest square mile on the continent. Season 2 promises to bring the drama with the introduction of some new personalities who are eager to make their mark in this exclusive group. Bonang Matheba, South Africa's entertainment industry darling, is set to join the cast and her presence is already causing a stir among the established members.


Additionally, Fantana quickly establishes herself as a force to be reckoned with among the group. Fans of the show can expect some unresolved issues from the previous season to come to light. For instance, what really transpired between Diamond Platnumz, Andile Ncube, and Zari Hassan after the chance encounter between the trio in Diamond's home? Additionally, viewers will be eager to find out the current status of the friendships among the cast members after many arguments, a lot of drama, and some pot-stirring from Khanyi Mbau and Nadia Nakai. Adding to the mix are the appearances of model and socialite Sebabatso Mothibi and supermodel and actress Rosette Ncwana, both of whom have a shared romantic history with Andile. With all the drama and tension from the previous season, how will their presence affect the existing dynamic of the show? These are all questions that will be answered in the upcoming season of 'Young, Famous & African' on Netflix.

What is the buzz around 'Young, Famous & African' Season 2?

The initial season of the series revolved around a close-knit circle of companions and their romantic entanglements. Some of them were even former romantic partners, which added to the intrigue. Viewers witnessed love triangles, reconciliations, and heartbreaks. The upcoming season is expected to be equally compelling, featuring intense drama. Take a look at the trailer to witness it for yourself:



How can I watch the earlier season of 'Young, Famous & African'?

One can watch the previous season of 'Young, Famous & African' on Netflix. 

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