What day and time will 'The Five Devils' release? Everything you need to know about French fantasy drama

What day and time will 'The Five Devils' release? Everything you need to know about French fantasy drama
Sally Drame as Vicky in 'The Five Devils' (MUBI)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Some screenwriters and directors are truly masters of their trade. They aren't happy with just popping up with a notion, they run with it to explore all of the elements of that new tale. The trailer for the French film, 'The Five Devils', implies that the film reflects one of these scenarios since the plot appears to change dramatically with each new piece of information that we are given.


'The Five Devils' is about a little girl who happens to be an enthusiastic keeper of all things. Vicky (Sally Dramé) can reproduce odors, which is why she attempts to capture all she finds while traveling the world.


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When will 'The Five Devils' release?

‘The Five Devils’ will hit theaters on different dates worldwide. A few of the dates mentioned in the trailer were Chile and Mexico on March 23, Germany on April 13, Austria on May 12 via Stadtkino and US, UK and Ireland on March 24.


How to watch 'The Five Devils'?

'The Five Devils' is expected to release in theaters on different dates mentioned above. It is also available on MUBI exclusively in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South America, Turkey, India, and Malaysia beginning May 12, and Germany and Austria beginning June 2.

What is the plot of 'The Five Devils'?

As Vicky's auntie Julia (Swala Emati) joins the tale, the tone shifts dramatically, beginning with the reality that the girl had no idea her relative existed until she showed there. At the same time, the trailer implies that Julia was summoned when Vicky's parents, Jimmy (Moustapha Mbengue) and Joanne (Adèle Exarchopoulos), understood that their daughter's abilities in distinguishing odors are far more magical than they appear. So, who is this aunt? Later this month, we'll find out.


Who stars in 'The Five Devils'?

The lead star cast is Adèle Exarchopoulos as Joanne, Sally Dramé as Vicky, Swala Emati as Julia. Followed by Moustapha Mbengue as Jimmy, Daphné Patakia as Nadine, Patrick Bouchitey as Jean-Yvon and Noée Abita.

What is the buzz around 'The Five Devils'?

There's an additional dimension to 'The Five Devils' that we don't get to see in the trailer, but early word from Fantastic Fest, AFI Festival, and Cannes is that the thriller is also a commentary on identity and sexuality, which just adds to the intrigue. Therefore, it appears that everyone will find something to enjoy: an abandoned child drama, mother-daughter issues, mystical aspects, and a thrilling ride with lots of mysteries to explore. Lea Mysius, an award-winning filmmaker, directs 'The Five Devils'. Her feature picture directorial debut, Ava, was released in 2017.



Watch 'The Five Devils' trailer below:


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 What day and time will 'The Five Devils' release? Everything you need to know about fantasy drama