Westworld actors Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden's Carpool Karaoke stint will take you back to the '80s

Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden go off the loop in Westworld and go back to the '80's on Carpool Karaoke.

                            Westworld actors Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden's Carpool Karaoke stint will take you back to the '80s
(L-R) Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden (Source: Getty Images)

If you thought Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden were great at acting, then wait till you hear them singing! The 'Westworld' stars displayed their singing chops as they got together for Apple TV’s Carpool Karaoke: The Series. In the video, the stars can be singing songs as Alanis Morrissette‘s “Ironic,” Salt-N-Pepa‘s “Shoop,” Cher‘s “After All,” and “Summer Nights” from the musical Grease. 

The two even took the carpool to a 'Westworld' lookalike place. While the 'hosts' may not be that thrilled to hear them sing, we know we were. This comes after Westworld episode titled, 'Vanishing Point' brought out some shocking claims about William and Robert Ford. To begin with, one of the biggest fan theories about William and the Man in black being the same had been proven. 

However, another thing that came as a shock was to see how William was stuck in the world of Westworld ever since its inception. We see that, for years, Wiliam was searching for a way to bring an end to the game in order to get back at Robert Ford for taking everything from him. However, little did he know that he was the one being played by Robert and it wasn't the other way around.

The episode gives us an idea of William's goal and what he hopes to find in his journey to the center of the game. “Nothing’s stopping me from getting to the end. Not another one of (Ford’s) games. I make my own decisions, and I’m gonna destroy this whole f***in’ place!” he says in the game, as reported by Nerdist. But this is where he goes wrong as all this while we see that William has indeed been dancing to Robert's tunes.

We see that in the hopes of finding the answers to his question and the meaning of his existence, William is made to believe that everything in the world of Westworld is controlled by Robert. This idea takes control of him to the extent that he believes his daughter, Emily, is also a host that has been programmed by Robert to end him. Even though Emily tries to confront William about Westworld being only a world that has been made to satisfy his requirements it all seems like a lost cause as he is not ready to listen. 

William starts to believe that he is the ultimate being in the world of Westworld and that the place is created by him and for him. Well, we all know Robert will not let anyone have that. What better way for him to show William his real place than to make him a slave of the game itself? We see that Robert ensures William knows that he exists for Westworld and it is not the other way around. Right from making William kill in his own daughter to making him run around in circles ever since he entered the world of Westworld, we see him becoming a slave to Robert without even realizing it. However, it will be interesting to see how the coming episodes will tackle the unspoken battle between the two characters.