Latest episode of Westworld raises many questions about Arnold and his plans for Westworld

While the show revolves around a beautiful yet sad tale of Westworld, we cannot help but wonder where the fate of the world is headed.

                            Latest episode of Westworld raises many questions about Arnold and his plans for Westworld
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The latest episode of Westworld brought a side of the place that was never seen before. In the episode titled 'Kiksuya' we see how Arnold tried to stop the park from opening by having Dolores kill all the other hosts including himself in the hopes that after his death Robert Ford will not open the park for the people.

While we know that the situation did not turn out to be the way Arnold wanted it to be, there is a  big question mark that has been hanging over the plot ever since then.

As Games Radar rightly pointed out, we see that even though Dolores was asked to kill all the hosts, she leaves the native American tribe of which Akecheta was the leader unharmed.

We see that Akecheta comes across the maze that has been left by Arnold on the table after Dolores kills him and it happens to be the exact moment when he has his awakening. Just like everyone else, Akecheta and his tribe members are also hosts but Dolores chose to not kill them while she does not hesitate to kill the others. We know that it is impossible for Dolores to just forget killing them as she was programmed to kill every host and then kill herself along with Arnold. 

The only possible explanation that fits well with this theory is that Arnold never knew Akecheta or his tribe and they were the invention of Ford. However, this seems quite unlikely because Arnold was the man behind Westworld and the hosts. So, it does not fit right for him to not know about the hosts that he invented. At the same time, Arnold's actions have given rise to a much bigger question- why did he ask to kill all the hosts when he knew they could be brought back alive?

It is not like he was unaware because we see him warning Dolores about it. So, why did he go through all this trouble of making sure that every host was dead when he knew they could be brought back in a click? We cannot help but think that Arnold had a mastermind planned out for Ford and his team even before he died and it does not surprise us as he is the great mind behind the creation of Westworld. 

At the same time, as the episode progresses it shows that Akecheta was on his path of making every member of his tribe have their 'awakening' moment and vowed to guide them towards 'the door' while reminding them to question everything they see or hear. If Akecheta did succeed in doing so, we know that his tribe members will be more aware of their surroundings, unlike other hosts. 

However, they have one advantage and that is purely time. Akecheta and his tribe have been there in the Westworld long before Dolores or any other host came into being. So, they have a lot more knowledge about the maze as well as about Ford and his plans. While we still see Dolores going about killing almost everyone she sees, the latest episode makes us question if the hosts will go against a war with each other. But as of now, we just have to wait and watch.