West Virginia professor allegedly says Trump supporters should die of Covid-19 before election, gets suspended

In a video clip shared on Twitter, the professor can be seen complaining about people attending Trump's rallies without wearing masks

                            West Virginia professor allegedly says Trump supporters should die of Covid-19 before election, gets suspended
Jennifer Mosher (Eric Kutcher, Twitter)

A college professor reportedly admitted during an onlne class that she hoped Trump supporters caught Covid-19 and died before the upcoming presidential election in the United States, and has since been suspended. Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, revealed on Friday, September 18 that they were aware of Assistant Professor Jennifer Mosher making what they called, and 'overtly political statement'. The footage of Mosher making her remarks was recorded by one of the students attending the virtual classroom session, and was subsequently shared on social media on Wednesday, September 16.

In the clip, Mosher can be seen complaining about people attending Trump's 2020 campaign rallies without following the CDC-recommended safety measures amid ongoing pandemic. "I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die. I’m sorry, but that’s so frustrating I don’t know what else to do," Mosher can be seen saying in the video. "You can’t argue with them, you can’t talk sense with them. I said to somebody yesterday 'I hope they all die before the election'. That's the only saving hope I have right now." Mosher then remarks she 'should not be talking politics'. 

First reported by WOWKTV, the clip does not show Mosher specifically referring Trump supporters, even though she does talk about a recent indoor event where she claims attendees did not wear a mask. However, it's worth noting that President Trump did recently host an indoor campaign rally where thousands gathered inside a Las Vegas manufacturing plant and barely anybody had their masks on. While the president has been actively criticized by many for constantly defying heath mandates amidst the pandemic, this gathering also ended up snubbing Nevada's mandate of indoor gatherings being limited to 50 people. 


Continuing to clash with leading public health experts on his own response team, Trump's Tulsa rally saw eight members of the advance team contracting the virus. This comes after the president boasted that face masks and social distancing are not mandated for the June 20 event, even though cases were still rising in the country. Prominent Republican businessman Hermain Cain, an ardent Trump supporter, even died of Covid-19 after attending the same rally. The people who were photographed with Cain on the day were neither wearing masks nor maintaining the six-feet distance.

Cain had tested positive on June 29 and was hospitalized on July 1. Shortly after, Trump told Fox News he was 'all for masks', contradicting his statements from not that long back, in April, when he ignored the CDC's advice to wear the same. "I don't think I'm going to be doing it. Wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens — I just don't see it," Trump had said at the time.

As for Mosher, both the professor and the university have faced severe backlash for her comments. This led to a heightened Twitter backlash, responding to which the university said it "does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to belittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views." They also added that Mosher has been put on administrative leave and an investigation is on.

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