Wesley Lowery explains 'defund the police' to Stephen Colbert, says 'a guy with a gun' isn't always the solution

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist also said that Quibi's '60 in 60' show will highlight the local history of Minneapolis, explaining that it's not the first time police shootings and protests have occurred there

                            Wesley Lowery explains 'defund the police' to Stephen Colbert, says 'a guy with a gun' isn't always the solution
Wesley Lowery (Getty Images)

Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist and correspondent Wesley Lowery spoke of the funeral of George Floyd calling it a "really emotional moving event" as he shared his views on the protests and the what people mean by "defund the police" on the June 11 episode of 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'. Colbert and Lowery spoke about the current events that have stirred the people's conscience, ranging from black Americans suffering injustice at the hands of police and what the 'Fatal Force' project is all about.

Lowery started the interview by telling Colbert about his experience at George Floyd's memorial. He said that he had ridden with the Floyd family to the gathering. Lowery revealed that this was the first time many of the family members were speaking about the passing of Floyd in public, and so it was a difficult experience for them. The journalist does have experience in covering black American encounters with the police as he spoke of how he had written about the killing of Trayvon Martin in college among other things. He was also the lead reporter for the Pulitzer Prize-winning project called 'Fatal Force' that aims to ask questions that will help limit the number of fatal encounters involving the police by measuring every on-duty shooting by police officers in America.

Wesley Lowery (CBS)

Lowery further explained that now with the protests and the injustice coming to the surface, black Americans are frustrated as they watch horrific videos while they used to be gaslit before. They were aware that these interactions do take place, but no one would believe them, explained Lowery. "No, the cops would never treat you that way," they were told, said Lowery. The journalist further explained why Minneapolis was the breaking point in the movement for black lives and against police violence, saying that while this has been exhausting for black Americans, the white Americans, regardless of their political inclination, are also watching videos of police brutality against blacks while realizing that the victims don't deserve the injustice. "It has forced people to see things they would never see otherwise," explained Lowery. You can watch the clip of this important truth here

The journalist further revealed that the first episode -- "maybe second or even third" -- of the Quibi show '60 in 60' will speak on Minneapolis incidents featuring the team's reports from the ground. Lowery said that there will be a segment on the local history of Minneapolis explaining that this is not the first time police shootings and protests have occurred. It will also "trace the conversation" of how activists ideologies have shifted and changed over time. Speaking on the topic of police injustice, Colbert asked Lowery to explain the statement "defund the police" to which Lawery responded saying that "a guy with a gun isn't always the solution" in all scenarios that involve a 911 call as those can range from a murder to a "cat stuck in a tree." Money can be distributed from the police department to causes that need it such as mental health services, healthcare, and education, said Lowery.

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