'He's ready for extra screen time': Wes Bentley wants to take over 'Yellowstone' if Kevin Costner leaves

'He's ready for extra screen time': Wes Bentley wants to take over 'Yellowstone' if Kevin Costner leaves
Wes Bentley thinks 'Yellowstone' can continue even without Kevin Costner (Dia Dipasupil, Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Wes Bentley, who stars in 'Yellowstone', is itching to take the helm if top-billed actor Kevin Costner leaves the project, insiders have revealed. The ensemble of the popular modern-day western series is searching for a new leader since Kevin, 68, wants to curtail filming or perhaps retire, possibly putting a stop to the show permanently after the ongoing Season Five, according to a source.

The source said, "Wes wants his name thrown into the mix. He's ready for extra screen time!" Taylor Sheridan, the show's creator, and Kevin have been at odds for months, as reported by RadarOnline.com. Kevin has allegedly declined to give the producers enough time to shoot the remaining episodes of Season 5.


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According to the insider, the reputed actor offered dates earlier this year but the scripts weren't finished. Kevin's lawyer denied that his client was to blame for any production delays.


The actor has been very busy making his movie 'Horizon'. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast hasn't been told about the remaining episodes or when they'll be back to work, sources claim.

'Nobody knows'

"Because Kevin didn't want to work, everybody had to stop working. Now nobody knows if he's ever coming back and whether they'll still have jobs if he doesn't. And nobody is happy about it!" the source added. "It's worrying that things seem to be on hold, but Wes thinks everything's going to be fine even if Kevin's step-back is permanent," as reported by Radar.


'This show means everything to him'

In the years following his breakthrough performance in 'American Beauty' in 1999, Wes, 44, has been honest about his struggle with a nearly fatal heroin addiction and eventual recovery. "Wes has been through hell and back, and this show means everything to him," another source noted. "This is an opportunity he's been preparing for his whole life — even if he didn't realize it."

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 Wes Bentley wants 'Yellowstone' lead if Kevin Costner leaves show