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'Werewolf killer' who stabbed stranger 50 times calls himself 'easy-going adventurer' on dating app after release

Pankaj Bhasin who spent the past three years at a mental health facility claims in the dating app that he 'recently got back from two years of travel'
Pankaj Bhasin described himself as an easy-going adventurer and a traveler after he joined social media (Alexandria Sheriff's Office)
Pankaj Bhasin described himself as an easy-going adventurer and a traveler after he joined social media (Alexandria Sheriff's Office)

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: A Virginia man who fatally stabbed a store manager more than 50 times, allegedly believing that he was a werewolf, was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 2019. Pankaj Bhasin, 37, spent the past three years at a mental health facility in Northern Virginia, but now prosecutors are raising concern about his presence in dating apps post-release. He has joined a dating website where he describes himself as "an easy-going adventurer who believes in universal connection” and is someone who is "recently getting back from two years of travel."

The prosecutors are asking the judge to modify the rules by either banning Bhasin from social media or requiring extreme supervision regarding his social media posts and activity. Bhasin fatally stabbed Brad Jackson, a 65-year-old store manager more than 50 times in Alexandria, Virginia, in July 2018. Bhasin's attorney Peter Greenspun argued in the court that he had suffered from a psychotic break, and he later got out on reason of insanity. The prosecution's motion says, "Because the acquittee may be meeting potential romantic partners while not only concealing but actively lying about his recent history, those individuals may be put at risk during a time when the acquittee is first transitioning to the community," according to NBC Washington


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Sarah Bryen, a friend of Jackson, spotted the profile and raised the alarm as she described her friend's death. She told the outlet, "What I noticed was a person that had killed my friend, had been locked up at a mental hospital for several years now, was now online dating on the internet with a profile that basically said, likes to have fun, easygoing."

After Bryen, another woman spotted his profile almost across all platforms, namely Bumble, Hinge, and on other sites, saying, "So even if one gets taken down, there's nothing to say he just won't make another profile." Bhasin sought and was granted a conditional release from the mental health facility with orders that requires him to take medication, wear a GPS monitor at all times, and get home visits from mental health workers. However, the orders did not mention anything about social media use.

In a statement released by Bhasin's attorney, he is doing "extremely well". "After his arrest, Mr. Bhasin was incarcerated and then hospitalized for an extended period. He has worked exceedingly hard throughout his treatment. Due to his progress in the hospital setting, Mr. Bhasin was granted court-approved conditional release. None of this diminishes in any manner the tragedy of the death of Bradford Jackson and the overwhelming loss to his many family members and friends. Mr. Bhasin has expressed his remorse for Mr. Jackson and those who knew him in every setting possible, including in his treatment. While those expressions may, understandably, not be enough for those who are suffering, it is sincere and constant, and has been an important part of his recovery," added the statement. The decision regarding his social media use will be finalized on Thursday, September 15.