HBO's miniseries 'We're Here' not airing tonight, here's when we think Episode 6 will air

Fans who tuned in today were treated to the very first episode from the series, the one featuring Hunter from Gettysburg Pennysylvania

                             HBO's miniseries 'We're Here' not airing tonight, here's when we think Episode 6 will air

'We're Here' on HBO was announced as a mini docuseries with six episodes. Last week saw the premiere of the fifth episode that was filmed in Ruston Louisiana. At the end of each episode airs the preview for what to expect in the episode, next week.  Last week's preview saw all three drag queens - Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O'Hara talk about their journey in the drag world. However, there is still time for us to view the next episode.

A montage of their moments from the previous five episodes played on the screen along with a video message from all three queens that they recorded remotely from their houses, courtesy the lockdown. It began with O'Hara mentioning that the three of them have been through a lot to get where they are today and hoping that the audiences love exploring just a part of their stories that are communicated through this show.

Next up was Darius Jeremy Pierce who we all know as Shangela, sharing a sweet anecdote about using his mother's towel as a wig and then getting into her heels to tiptoe around the house when she wasn't looking. He grew up in Paris, Texas and mentioned that growing up as a gay kid in a small town was tough. O'Hara came back onto the screen talking about being terrified to play dress-up even after wanting to do it. "I kept thinking I was broken like I just didn't want to deal with being myself," said Bob. Following that, an emotional scene between Bob and his drag daughter played on-screen wherein he credited drag for saving and giving purpose to his life. Later in the preview, one could hear Bob's voice where he mentioned that even though one might feel alone in the lockdown, that is not that case. "This is a thing we're all in together," echoed Bob in a firmly reassuring voice. 

As stated earlier, today was supposed to be the day that followers of the show get to see the finale episode. Viewers who tuned in expecting the same were treated to the very first episode from the series  -  the one featuring Hunter from Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Now about Episode 6 and when it will premiere, our wild guess is, it might premiere next week, which is also the first week of Pride Month. The month of June is also known as Pride Month. It was chosen for the LGBTQA+ community to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969 and a lot of pride events are held during June to recognize the LGBTQA+ community and their impact on the world. 

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