'The Wendy Williams Show': Lea Delaria says she's ready to be one of Mel B's multiple partners after she hears singer's thoughts on marriage

'The Wendy Williams Show' on Wednesday saw actor Lea DeLaria appear to promote her upcoming show 'Reprisal', which is set to air on December 6 on Hulu.

                            'The Wendy Williams Show': Lea Delaria says she's ready to be one of Mel B's multiple partners after she hears singer's thoughts on marriage

Wendy Williams addressed Mel B wanting multiple partners to serve her for different needs on 'The Wendy Williams Show' on Wednesday. She explained how Mel B had spoken about this on the podcast 'Truth Flirts' where she had said that she would like to believe that one person could encompass different needs such as being emotional support or great at intimacy. However, three marriages and three kids later, she is not certain. 'Orange is the New Black' actor Lea DeLaria appeared as a guest on the show right after this segment to promote her upcoming show 'Reprisal'.  Before Williams could begin a conversation, DeLaria interrupted and said, "Can I just say one thing before you say anything else?"

After Williams agreed DeLaria continued, "You just said Mel B is interested in multiple partners to handle multiple needs. I am in!" She got up and to the chorus applause, she repeated, "I am in, Mel." She added, "Do I get to choose which need is what I wonder about." 

Mel B was a guest on Wendy Williams' talk show where she talked about her thoughts on marriage and multiple partners fulfilling her needs (Getty Images)

 DeLaria then continued to speak about the club that she owns, and how at the age of 61, she is now tired of the responsibility that comes with owning one. She said, "I seriously ask a question though. What was I thinking Wendy? I am 61-years-old. I had money in the bank and a great career ahead of me. I could have just done my job. But no! I have to buy a freaking club."

She then added, "I am tired." But then she pointed, "But not for Mel B." DeLaria also spoke about her Thanksgiving plans. She said, "It's myself and a bunch of girls from Orange and we are just gonna have a little party." She revealed that this is a tradition that they have been doing since the show started. "We have a group. We call it Orange is the New Brunch. We choose different brunch places. We go on Sundays. We daytime drink, which is my favorite activity. We eat and drink and end up most usually in Cubbyhole in The Village."


DeLaria also spoke about her role in Hulu show 'Reprisal' which is set to premiere on December 6. "It is a revenge tale that takes place in a world where you are not quite sure where it is. We are all dressed in 50s and 60s, but there are flip phones. You can't quite tell. If Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch had a baby it would be this television show." She added about her character, "I am a member of a club called the Banished Brawlers. So my character's called Queenie and she runs the bangarang which is, for lack of a better word, burlesque. She is the queen of the burlesque. She choreographs the show, she picks the pin-up girls, there is the dance in it. So I get to sing and dance and do that like I do when I am in a broadway show. Then when I am off stage, I look like the character you saw in the first clip."

'The Wendy Williams Show' airs weekdays nationwide. 

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