Wendy Williams says it’s ‘unforgivable’ Taylor Swift has more AMAs than Michael Jackson: ‘Taste has cheapened through the years'

Wendy Williams says it’s ‘unforgivable’ Taylor Swift has more AMAs than Michael Jackson: ‘Taste has cheapened through the years'

In Monday’s episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’, the host had a thing or two to say about Taylor Swift and her wins at the American Music Awards. Swift took home six honors including artist of the year and artist of the decade. The pop star, after the 2019 AMAs, surpassed the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s record of 24 wins at the fan-voted show. 

Williams, on her show, made remarks on that. While she admitted she liked Swift and thought she is talented -- she said ‘Shake It off’ was one of her favorite songs and that it made her feel young -- she wasn’t pleased about her breaking Michael Jackson’s record. “Taylor Swift made history, which is like unbelievable to me,” she said. “She won six awards, now she has a total of 29 awards. That sounds unbelievable, but what sounds unforgivable, she's got more awards than Michael Jackson!”

Williams further said, “Michael had 24. Taylor’s got 29,” asking incredulously to the audience, “And Artist of the Decade? Is she who's been firing you up for the last 10 years?”

The daytime host was not done She continued, “But you know what? I think that taste has cheapened through the years in a lot of things. The quality of clothes we buy -- they get tattered and torn real quick. The quality of food we buy -- we're being poisoned by a lot of crap. Just life in general I think has cheapened, and I don't mean this in a bad way to Taylor, but it's unbelievable. I appreciate her, but Artist of the Decade?"

Williams, however, wasn’t all negative about the AMAs. She praised the performances given by Toni Braxton, Post Malone and Shania Twain. Swift, at the AMAs, got emotional during her acceptance speech. “The last year for me has been a lot,” she said during her artist of the year speech. “It's been a lot of good, it's been a lot of really complicated ... thank you so much for being there and for caring.”


On November 14, Swift claimed Scott Borchetta, the chief executive of Swift's former label -- Big Machine Records -- and Scooter Braun, whose company SB Projects had acquired Big Machine Label Group earlier in 2019, forbid her from playing her greatest hits at the awards show.

Braun recently appealed to the singer in an Instagram post, saying he feared for the safety of his wife and children. "Since your public statement last week there have been numerous death threats directed at my family," Braun wrote. "I came home tonight to find my wife had received a phone call threatening the safety of our children."

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