'Welcome To Plathville' preview: Kim Plath says she always wanted to give her children a life that she didn't get

Kim and Barry Plath have their unique way of raising their children and Kim reflected that it stems from her desires for her family.

                            'Welcome To Plathville' preview: Kim Plath says she always wanted to give her children a life that she didn't get

The Plaths are all set to make their television debut with 'Welcome To Plathville' that is set to air on November 5, 2019. In a new preview for the show, Barry explained that he and his wife Kim decided to settle for a lifestyle that was away from people because they wanted to "limit their children's exposure to the negative out there". 

Some of these include negativities include social media, fashion choices, pop culture, and others. "They have never had a coke. Can you believe that?" Barry says. "That is so off the wall. Meanwhile, Kim added that she always wanted to raise her family in a way that she always dreamt of. 

"Consciously or not I have always set out to give them a life that I didn't get," she said. Barry further added that there are often times when the children have to make some tough calls and while they have enough freedom to choose their own path, Kim and he usually try to be the voice of reason for them by asking, "are you sure you want to do that?"

However, things have been changing course in the Plaths family as the children are all grown up and ready to head their separate ways but it does not seem like it is fitting well with Kim and Barry. "There is no handbook of families and transition," Barry said. 

Kim added, "What is the next stage of life look like? I don't know." Kim and Barry hope to instill their children with traditional values, especially regarding hard work, charitable morals, and family roles. However, things took a different turn when the oldest Plath son, Ethan tied the knot with Olivia. Unlike the Plath family, Olivia was aware of the joys that modern-day technology and the outside world had to offer. 

Her new outlook allowed Ethan to step out of the shell and explore the world. Looking at Ethan and Olivia, Moriah, who often feels like an outcast in the family,  also decided to follow her own rules. But the question remains, will the family learn to adjust to new things or will traditional values crumble to the floor?

'Welcome to Plathville' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm on TLC. 

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