'Welcome To Plathville': Moriah is emancipated and she encourages others to break free

Moriah Plath was always seen as the black sheep of the family and it looks like she has finally got the freedom she was always looking for.

                            'Welcome To Plathville': Moriah is emancipated and she encourages others to break free

Moriah Plath won the hearts of viewers after she let her true and real self in front of the camera. Unlike her other Plath siblings, Moriah viewed the world differently and wanted to gain independence. In the recent episode of 'Welcome To Plathville', she got a chance to see a different side of the world when she visited California along with her sister-in-law Olivia Plath. 

However, as it turns out, Moriah has finally taken the big step and stepped away from her family. Moriah recently took to her Instagram to share updates about her life. Looking at these pictures, it looks like Moriah is not in close touch with her family. The only people she would often share pictures with from her family are Olivia, Ethan, and Micah. 

Meanwhile, her parents, Kim and Barry, as well as her other siblings have no trace on her social media. In one of the posts, Moriah opened up about being strong in times when she thought she was weak.

"Maybe it’s ok if I’m not ok cause the one who holds the world is holding on to me. I want to thank all of my friends who have cared about me so much and checked on me every day just to ask how I’m doing", she wrote. 

She further added, "I tried to hide it so long but at some point, it became very clear to everyone except me that I was struggling with some things that are happening. so here I am admitting it. I can’t believe myself." The reality star further added that "sometimes you have to go through something that destroys you to figure out who you are, I asked for the change."

Fans were quick to comment with one of them writing, "The courthouse is right there in Cairo! Birth certificates!" To this Moriah wrote, "already have that!... more like emancipation." At the same time, another fan wrote, "you can do it! I grew up like you, sheltered. My parents were deeply involved in an IFB church. The only difference was I went to a small Christian school. I hated every day of it. The sheltering to that extent is wrong. It can change your life and not for the good. I'm glad you had the courage to break free and glad you have Olivia."

To this, Olivia replied by thanking the fan and encouraged everyone else to be strong while taking a big decision. "I totally agree with you! and I wanna send love and encouragement to anyone who is breaking free from that! you can do it", she wrote.

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