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'Not washed hair myself in 20 years': Mama June slammed for comment on husband Justin Stroud

Mama June claimed in a video that she doesn't wash her hair by herself but thanked her husband, Justin Stroud, for helping her with styling
UPDATED JAN 15, 2023
'Mama June' star June Shannon and her husband Justin Stroud (Instagram/@mamajune/@officialsmallz1)
'Mama June' star June Shannon and her husband Justin Stroud (Instagram/@mamajune/@officialsmallz1)

TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA: 'Mama June' star June Shannon recently uploaded an appreciation video on TikTok for her husband Justin Stroud. In the video, we saw June talking about how she has not washed her hair by herself for almost 20 years now and how her husband helps her do so. This statement seems to have caught fans' attention on the Internet.

June praised her husband Justin in the recently released TikTok video for doing her hair. She further claimed, "I don't wash my hair. I have not washed my hair myself in 20 years." A  shocked fan asked June in the comment section, "What 20 years ..why? How?" 


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Another commented, "Wait…what? You haven’t washed your hair yourself in over 20 years??? Why?" Another asked June, "Why can’t you wash your hair? Just asking." Furthermore, a fan wondered, "Do you mean you don’t wash your hair yourself or just haven’t washed your hair in 20 years?" "You have not wash your hair in the shower your self in over 20 years what," wrote a fan. To this, a fan replied, "I agree. This sounds strange to me also but to each of her own. I wash my hair every time I take a shower. That’s just part of it." A fan slammed June, saying, "Girl she’s rich she got people doing that shit for her." 

June captioned the TikTok video, "SHOW YOU PARTNER APPRECIATION WHEN THEY R AWESOME." She boasted about her husband in the video. June claimed, "He did my hair and that has been like 13 hours, still looks good." She further asked her fans, "Look guys, if you have got a husband or a significant other that does for you, show them some appreciation." She further informed her fans that she has not washed her hair by herself in the last 20 years. And, this time her husband Justin helped her do so. Seeing Justin put so much effort into making her hair, June claimed, "I think he did an amazing job." She further uploaded a photo flaunting her curls and pink highlights.

June further uploaded the same on Instagram explaining to her fans, "I know it late but I have to boost a lot about my awesome husband that is amazing and always helping me out with whatever we’ll as ALOT of y’all know I don’t wash my own hair I hate to do yes I go get washed I have for over 20 years when we got invited to event at the last time and I didn’t have time to go get my hair washed so justin @officialsmallz1 thanks was like it oh k baby we will get up in the am I will help wash your hair n I will do it for u." She further added that it took him 2 and a half hour to style her hair. She claimed that styling her hair was "a bonding and a memory we made together and it turned out great to me and I wear it down all day and got compliments on it all day n told everyone he done it cause I was proud to say yes my husband done my hair." June ended her post by saying, "I can promise u that this man has showed me ALOT in the last year and half but I can’t waited to c what the future holds."


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