'My conscience is clear': Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks says it was 'God's will' that massacre happened

'My conscience is clear': Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks says it was 'God's will' that massacre happened
Darrell Brooks, 40, is accused of killing six people and injuring more than 60 during Christmas parade in Waukesha in November 2021 (Fox 9/ YouTube screenshot)

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: The Wisconsin parade killer Darell Brooks made his closing argument on Tuesday, October 25, in which he said his "conscience is clear." The 40-year-old is accused of plowing six people between the ages of eight and 81 and injuring more than 60 people as he drove his vehicle through a Christmas parade in Waukesha on November 21, 2021.  

Brooks during the night of the incident was fleeing from his ex-girlfriend, Erica Patterson after he allegedly punched her. During the month-long trial, Brooks has been repeatedly kicked out of the courtroom for his constant interruptions, outbursts, and erratic behavior and his recent gestures towards Judge Jennifer Dorow, who admitted she's frightened of him.


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Judge Jennifer Dorow, allowed Brooks to give his closing argument to the jury in person during which he said, "my conscience is clear" and that he has "made peace with God" and even shockingly added that it "was God's will" that it happened before the jury was sequestered at 6:24 pm while appearing to cry. During his closing argument, he also argued that the SUV he was driving had a throttle malfunction, according to Daily Mail.


Attorney Opper objected stating that a Wisconsin State Patrol vehicle inspector testified earlier in the trial that the vehicle was in good working order, including the brakes, he suggested the driver might have panicked. He noted that some witnesses testified they heard the SUV's horn honking. Brooks then claimed he didn't quite acknowledge he was the driver and at night in his cell, he often questions himself about how "this" happened.


Whilst he also added that he never asked himself if "this" was intentional because he knows it wasn't. It is believed the word "this" he is referring to is the incident. Brooks then claims, "Throughout this year I' ve been called a lot of things." "And to be fair I am a lot of things. A murderer is not one of them," he said. Among the sideshows during the trial, on Friday, Brooks appeared to be giving Judge Jennifer Dorow an alleged "stare-down" which she called disrespectful and "frankly, makes me scared." Yet, Brooks continued to stare at the judge while banging his fists on the table. He was then pulled out to virtually participate from a different courtroom, Brooks then yelled that the court had "no integrity" after the jury was dismissed for the day.


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