Waukesha tragedy: Ex-FBI agent points out why vehicle's movements were 'very strange'

'At times the vehicle seems to be hitting and colliding with people apparently deliberately, other times not,' said former FBI agent Clint Watts

                            Waukesha tragedy: Ex-FBI agent points out why vehicle's movements were 'very strange'
Clint Watts said the Waukesha holiday parade tragedy was different from earlier ones (Getty Images/ Win McNamee and Twitter/ @Resistencia1821)

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: A former FBI agent has pointed out unusual things in the Waukesha Christmas parade incident that sets it apart from other similar tragedies. The Sunday incident, on November 21, has reportedly claimed the lives of five people and wounded more than 40. A number of videos showing the horrifying moment when an SUV hit people have gone viral on the Internet.

Commenting on footage, Clint Watts said: “It was a very unusual video, and I having looked at other terrorist attacks which were vehicle-borne attacks. They are quite different. I am confused of what to make of it. The driver in some places seemed to deliberately mow over people and other places to dodge them. So, I think there is a lot to learn to be honest, and I don't think we should probably jump to any conclusions right at the outset because it is very strange if you've watched any of the video and there is a lot of it online I would not encourage people to watch it because it is traumatic. It is a very strange incident.”


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Watts noted that usually in these kinds of vehicle incidents, perpetrators attack where there is no police presence. But for Sunday’s event, law enforcement officers were there. The ex-agent stated, “Usually, a vehicle-borne attack, if the goal is to produce lots of casualties, they wouldn't stop and only hit one person. What is odd in the video is at times the vehicle seems to be hitting and colliding with people apparently deliberately other times not. That is unusual. It is also strange in terms of circumstances with the barricades. There was a heavy law enforcement presence. This is known. They knew there was a parade and there would be law enforcement.”

A red SUV (circled) driven by Darrell E Brooks from Milwaukee barrelled into the rally at Waukesha in full speed killing several and injuring 20 people. (Facebook/DOJ)

Watts went on to say, “A lot of the other vehicle-borne attacks do the reverse and seek out places like in Barcelona where they know there is no law enforcement presence so they can inflict the most damage. Is this a symbolic event? Is this related to other criminal activity we don't know about?,” before adding: “There are a lot of confusing things in the video that don't match with what I've seen from other vehicle-borne attacks on places of high population density like the west side highway for example.”


Meanwhile, there is no confirmation yet if the Sunday tragedy was an act of terrorism. A person of interest — reported to be Darrell E Brooks – has been arrested and a vehicle was also recovered about 20 miles (32 km) west of Milwaukee. No charges have been filed yet. A witness identified as Angelito Tenorio, an alderman in nearby West Allis, said: “As we were walking back in between the buildings ... we saw an SUV cross over, just put the pedal to the metal and just zooming full speed along the parade route. And then we heard a loud bang, and just deafening cries and screams from people who are struck by the vehicle.”



Another witness named Belen Santamaria said, “The SUV came by at full speed. Then I started to hear people screaming,” before adding, “I was going to be there, walking. The SUV would have hit us too.” As per reports, President Joe Biden has been notified about the tragedy. A White House official stated, “The White House is closely monitoring the situation in Waukesha and our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this terrible incident. We have reached out to state and local officials to offer any support and assistance as needed.”

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