Watchmen's Peteypedia releases proof that Chief of Tulsa Police Judd Crawford and Senator Joe Keene might be connected to KKK

The death of Chief of Tulsa Police Judd Crawford in 'Watchmen' episode 1 is the beginning of some dark secrets set to be unraveled in the upcoming episodes and an evidence file on 'Watchmen's accompanying website Peteypedia has proof.

                            Watchmen's Peteypedia releases proof that Chief of Tulsa Police Judd Crawford and Senator Joe Keene might be connected to KKK

Peteypedia, the website that accompanies the HBO show 'Watchmen' is a great source of information for fans of the show and the graphic novel as well. It builds the world that the show is set in, further handing out information that may probably be missed on the grand scheme of things when the show airs. Take the announcement about Adrian Veidt being presumed dead for instance. The news clipping which makes a blink-and-miss appearance in the show is shared in Peteypedia and we find out that there is no actual proof of Veidt's death, but just that he has been missing for a while and so he is now being presumed dead by the government. 

Similarly, a file titled 'Evidence: Four Letter' that was shared on Peteypedia features a letter addressed to Sheriff Crawford's father from Senator David Keene. The letter reveals the backstory of 'Watchmen' episode 'Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship' and also hints at Chief of Tulsa Police Judd Crawford's connection to Ku Klux Klan and maybe, even the Seventh Kavalry.

Chief Crawford in 'Watchmen'. (Source: HBO)

The letter dated June 2, 1955, begins, "Yesterday, I promised you a gift and a story behind it. You now hold the gift. Here is the story. Learn well from it." The story behind the painting speaks of how 19th Century American soldiers followed the vision of Manifest Destiny to make US what it is today (a belief that was widely held in the US in the 19th century that the country's settlers were meant to expand further North). These moments, Keene writes, were brought to life by artists who were then considered equal to prophets for their talent. He explains how these works of art have helped people in the present imagine what is popularly known as the American Canaan (Canaan is believed to be the Promised Land).

The gift is a replication of the original painting by George Catlin called Martial Feats of Commanche Horsemanship in the 'Watchmen' universe (Comanche Feats of Martial Horsemanship, which is dated back to 1894 in reality). It captures how American soldiers were able to come out victorious because they equaled their enemies in cunning, ingenuity and skill. Keene tells Crawford that it is the lesson that Crawford must remember in the future while he has custody of the painting. Keene writes, "I use words like "custody" with sober deliberateness. This gift is not yours to keep. It is a totem of the responsibility that you inherited last night. Just as this painting was entrusted to me when the responsibility was mine, now, it is entrusted to you. And when the time comes for you to give up the mantle of our order to your replacement, we expect you to give him this painting and with it this story."

This part is really the most important of references to Judd Crawford. Was he chosen by his father to take up the responsibility of the order? There is a high probability that Crawford junior received the mantel of the order. This order could be connected to the KKK robe that Angela Abar aka Sister Night found in Crawford's hidden closet. It is clear that the order Keene refers to in their letter thinks of themselves as the force that would claim their land back if we go by the reference to the painting. Keene also refers to Achaians of Troy and says, "We are Achaians coming from Troy, beaten off our true course by winds..." and there is also a symbol against Keene's signature in the end, which could reveal more about the order that hasn't been named in the letter. Is KKK the root of Seventh Kavalry as fans have been speculating? If so, that would explain Judd's connection.

The show also has Senator Joe Keene junior who was instrumental in bringing about 'the Keene Act' in the state of Oklahoma which allowed cops to wear masks as well after the terror of the White Night when the Seventh Kavalry reportedly organized a synchronized attack on Tulsa's cops. Only two survived - Judd Crawford and Angela Abar. With the letter, one could also argue that the mantel was handed over to Keene junior who might be using Seventh Kavalry to help him unseat the president of 28 years Robert Redford. The scene of Keene volunteering to be taken as hostage by a 7K member who turned up at Crawford's funeral is quite suspicious and fans have been speculating that it was Keene Jr who organized this entire attack. With this letter, we can totally see the connection between Keene and 7K take shape as well. He could have received the responsibility from Crawford Sr as well. There is also the possibility of Junior Crawford and Keene working together, as they are close family friends. 

The next episode of 'Watchmen' will air on Sunday at 9 pm on HBO.  

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