'Watchmen' Episode 7 'An Almost Religious Awe' reveals Dr Manhattan is black and fans are loving it

'Watchmen' Episode 7 'An Almost Religious Awe' reveals Dr Manhattan is black and fans are loving it
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God exists and he is black! Damon Lindelof's 'Watchmen' TV series has dropped more and more surprising reveals with each episode, but nothing compares to the absolute bomb the show dropped in Episode 7 'An Almost Religious Awe'.

After all this time waiting for Dr Manhattan, the posthuman god of this world, to make his return to Earth, the show has now revealed that he's been living in Tulsa all along, hiding in plain sight as Calvin Abar (Yahya Abdul Mateen II), the husband of Angela Abar aka Sister Night (Regina King). It's a reveal almost nobody saw coming and the fans are exploding with delight, especially because this technically means that Dr Manhattan is a black man.

Of course, whether a transcendent godlike being can even have a race is a whole other debate and we're sure there'll be a few people who would want to stress that Dr Manhattan is actually blue but for now, let's just celebrate this massive moment. Here's what some of the fans have been saying on Twitter:


"Dr Manhattan was kicking it in Tulsa, playing house dad to orphaned cop kids, dropping atheist wisdom and having quickies with Sister Night in the laundry room." - @HuskyBro_Inc

"The white fanboys gonna be pissed off tonight. Dr Manhattan is black lmao" - @bbowers1906

"Y’all mad as f*** about Dr Manhattan / Calvin huh 😂😂 Comic book racists are so funny 😂😂He’s black with blue skin now let it go !!" - @TheLadiiG

"Laurie's gonna be SO jealous once she finds out Angela been married to Dr. Manhattan this whole time. LMAO" - @MoreAndAgain


Speaking of Laurie Blake (Jean Smart), one fan discovered a fun little easter egg. For those who have watched the show, it wouldn't be too hard to remember the giant blue dildo that Laurie carries around with her and in one of the files on Peteypedia, the definitive guide to the world of the show, it's mentioned that the device was built by Laurie's ex Dan Dreiberg, who gave it a name that, in hindsight, suggests that Lindelof had already told us Dr. Manhattan's secret identity.

"Dan Dreiberg named his big blue dildo creation Excalibur. Dr. Manhattan is Laurie’s ex, who is now revealed to be Cal Abar. Ex. Cal. Abar. I see what you did there, Lindelof..." - @strangeharbors

There are still two more episodes of 'Watchmen' left to air so we're sure there'll be plenty more surprising reveals. But for now, this moment right here is about as good as it gets.


'Watchmen' Episode 8 'A God Walks Into Abar' will air on HBO on December 8.

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