'Watchmen' Episode 5 promo sees Adrian Veidt seemingly launched from manor, Laurie and Sister Night try to find 7th Kavalry church

In the previous episode of 'Watchmen', we saw Adrian Veidt use his clone servants' dead bodies to research velocity among other things. In the upcoming episode titled 'Little Fear of Lightning', he looks set to make an escape from the manor

                            'Watchmen' Episode 5 promo sees Adrian Veidt seemingly launched from manor, Laurie and Sister Night try to find 7th Kavalry church

The promo of episode 5 of 'Watchmen' released Sunday and it provides an interesting revelation about Adrian Veidt's (Jeremy Irons) escape attempt. Until episode 4, all of Veidt's attempts at escaping from the country manor, which is speculated to be located somewhere in space, has failed.

He used a number of his clone servants -- Mr. Phillips (Tom Mison) and Ms. Crookshanks (Sara Vickers) -- to experiment on spacesuits. We even saw one Mr. Phillips freeze after being catapulted into space. 

The promo, however, shows Veidt himself suiting up and he seems pretty excited to have finally found an escape out of the manor. For now, it is unclear how Veidt has managed to keep it under the wraps from the Game Warden who had once stopped Veidt from hunting in an area that is out of his bounds.

It doesn't seem like Veidt is interrupted by the Warden until the end moment as we see Mr. Phillips launch Veidt into space. Has Veidt finally managed to get himself away from his paradise that has turned into a prison? 

The promo also doesn't address who imprisoned Veidt in the manor. Fans have so far been speculating Dr. Manhattan is the one behind Veidt's circumstances, but it could very well be Lady Trieu (Hong Chau).

She did, after all, recreate Vietnam in Tulsa and showed us she has a gift when it comes to creating new life when she handed a baby over to the Clarks in return for the deed for their land. She also bought all of Veidt's businesses after his disappearance.

So the deal that seemed like a paradise initially could very well be something he agreed to because of Lady Trieu. Of course, this doesn't negate the fact that Dr. Manhattan and Lady Trieu are somehow connected.

Especially after the scene where Angela Abar aka Sister Night's (Regina King) car dropped from the sky. Initially, it seemed like Dr. Manhattan was sharing in on Laurie Blake's (Jean Smart) joke.

In episode 4 we saw Will Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr.) leave a bottle with pills in it that he wanted Angela to look into. So the upcoming episode might address this connection. 


The promo also introduces audiences to possibly how the Seventh Kavalry initiates members. It seems like people who approach certain groups to treat anxiety are brainwashed into believing Rorschach's doctrines and that is how they become a part of the Seventh Kavalry. 

Further, we also see Laurie Blake investigate the Kavalry. She briefs Tulsa's cops including Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson), Sister Night and Red Scare (Andrew Howard) about finding the Seventh Kavalry's hiding spot, the church that members of the Kavalry are seen posing in one of the first trailers of the show. 

She says in the promo that they might not be able to see Seventh Kavalry members, but if they track down the hiding spot, the cops may just be able to wipe out the Seventh Kavalry once and for all. Will they be successful? That's something we would have to watch when the next episode of 'Watchmen' airs on Sunday at 9 pm ET on HBO.

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