'Watchmen' Episode 4 sees Lady Trieu concerned about Will Reeves' family spoiling the execution of her grand plan

'Watchmen' episode 4 sees Lady Trieu reveal who is on her side in orchestrating a grand plan for the future, but that doesn't confirm if she is working with Dr Manhattan.

                            'Watchmen' Episode 4 sees Lady Trieu concerned about Will Reeves' family spoiling the execution of her grand plan

Spoilers ahead for 'Watchmen' episode 4 

Lady Trieu (Hong Chau), a trillionaire who bought out Adrian Veidt's companies after his disappearance and owns a number of things including Tulsa's very own wonder -- the mysterious Millenium Clock, has a grand plan. This plan involves a lot of things, including a comet that fell on Earth.

'Watchmen' episode 4 opens with Mr. and Mrs. Clark going about their day in a beautiful corner of Tulsa, in their 40-acre estate. Just when they are about to retire for the night, they hear a knock on their door. Lady Trieu arrives, ready to talk terms for the Clarks to write the deed of the estate over to Lady Trieu. She is very interested in the land and she has planned this move for a while. We see Trieu offer the Clarks 5 million dollars and "Legacy" in the form of a baby boy in return for the deed. You see, the Clarks had tried for years to conceive a baby and were never successful. Lady Trieu used Mrs. Clark's frozen eggs from one of the fertility centers that she had visited, which Trieu owned to make a baby. She gives the Clarks a chance to hold the baby and seconds to sign over the deed and they comply. 

Seconds after they sign over the deed, the three come out on the porch and watch a blue comet land and when one of the Clarks wonders, "What's that?" Lady Trieu responds, "It's mine." She went to all this trouble for the comet and what role that would play in her grand plan is not something that was revealed. 

A still of Lady Trieu at the Clarks' home in episode 4 of 'Watchmen'. (Source: HBO)

Now, remember how Laurie Blake's joke for Dr. Manhattan was returned with a car that landed from the sky? We had already concluded that the car was the one that Will Reeves was flown out in when he was captured by Angela Abar (Regina King). In the latest episode, we see Sister Night run out of the Greenwood Culture Center, right next to the phone booth that Laurie was at and to her surprise finds her car there. Initially, she doesn't believe Laurie about the car landing from the sky. After research, Laurie figures out that the Trieu industries have technology that can pick a car, and fly it out of somewhere and the same technology can drop it somewhere too. That makes us wonder, are Trieu, Will Reeves and Dr Manhattan on the same side? The picture that we see form after this incident definitely hints so. 

When Laurie and Angela as Sister Night visit the Trieu industries to investigate further about the car, Sister Night finds out that Lady Trieu is also from Vietnam. In the guise of exchanging Vietnamese idioms, Lady Trieu asks Sister Night if she got the bottle of pill that Will, her grandfather, had left for Sister Night in the glove compartment of the car. Later, we also see Will at Lady Trieu's residence in the Millenium Clock. The two sit down to discuss what Will is trying to tell his granddaughter through the pills that he left for her. Lady Trieu is concerned about the way Will has gone with trying to give Angela more information. She is also worried that he might be influenced by his family and let the plan fail. 

Lady Trieu with Sister Night and Laurie Blake in 'Watchmen' episode 4. (Source: HBO)

Expressing her concern to Will, Lady Trieu says, "When family's involved, judgment gets cloudy, feet get cold, deals get broken." Will, who was seated until that moment, who has so far only been on a wheelchair -- which happened to be one of the main reasons why Angela couldn't believe that he could string someone up on a tree -- get up and say, "My feet are just fine."

He explains to Lady Trieu that Angela is his family and in three days when their plan is successfully accomplished, she will definitely hate Will for it. However, that doesn't stop him. The episode ends with the two of them counting down to something big as Will says, "Tick-tock, tick-tock..."

The next episode of 'Watchmen' will air on Sunday on HBO at 9 pm ET. 

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