'Watchmen' Episode 3 hints at the Russians trying to create their own Dr. Manhattan with America oblivious to the danger

'Watchmen' Episode 3 hints at the Russians trying to create their own Dr. Manhattan with America oblivious to the danger

In the entire world of 'Watchmen,' there is only one being with superpowers: the blue god known to man as Dr. Manhattan. As a transcendent being with the ability to perceive the future and the power to reshape whole worlds, Dr. Manhattan is the ultimate overpowered superhero.

HBO's 'Watchmen' shows Dr. Manhattan as an almost mythical figure who people look up to as a god. However, in Episode 3, we get a hint that Dr. Manhattan's reign as the sole superhuman in the universe may be coming to an end.

While Senator Keane (James Wolk) is doing a press conference, a reporter asks him for his comment on the Russians allegedly building an intrinsic field generator.

This device has the potential to create unlimited clean energy, which would make it a highly prized weapon to own even if it wasn't also the machine that created Dr. Manhattan by breaking him down to a quantum state and bestowing god-like powers on him. 


If the Russians are building their own version of the device, it could lead to the creation of a Russian Dr. Manhattan, which would have large-scale repercussions for the whole world of 'Watchmen'.

Not only would it be a threat to America's position as a global superpower, which in 'Watchmen' was built on the back of Dr. Manhattan's might, it could also lead to a confrontation between Dr. Manhattan and his Russian counterpart. 

Considering the sheer power at Dr. Manhattan's disposal, if a second person were to gain powers like him it could be a global catastrophe.

Unfortunately, Senator Keane, along with the rest of the country, seems to be too preoccupied with the Seventh Kavalry to pay any attention to the scientific developments the Russians are making.

In fact, they seem to be more or less oblivious to the threat that's looming on the horizon.

Perhaps this Russian Manhattan has something to do with the greater conspiracy at work here and the Seventh Kavalry may just be a smokescreen to ensure that the Russians move forward without any outside interference.


'Watchmen' Season 1 Episode 4 'If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own' will air on HBO on November 10.  

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