'Watchmen' Episode 3 sees Adrian Veidt's spacesuit fail, while he gets a letter from the warden confirming fan theories that he is imprisoned

Adrian Veidt's inhouse clone servants Mr Phillips and Ms Crookshanks sing him a song, "He is a jolly good fellow" every day and get him to cut a cake. This also hints at Veidt possibly being stuck in a place with no escape

                            'Watchmen' Episode 3 sees Adrian Veidt's spacesuit fail, while he gets a letter from the warden confirming fan theories that he is imprisoned

Spoilers ahead for 'Watchmen' Episode 3

He rides away on his horse, a beautiful white creature that he has named after Alexander the Great's horse — Bucephalus — because the Lord of the Country Manor (Jeremy Irons) is in a rage.

In'Watchmen' Episode 3 we meet Veidt (aka Lord of the Country Manor) again in his manor, where first he is busy sketching equipment of some sort, that initially looks like a super suit.

Turns out, it is a space suit made from buffalo skin that Veidt himself had treated to fit the specifics of what spacesuits would be required to do. The man, who has Mr Phillips and Ms Crookshanks under his employ, chooses to use one of them to check if he has succeeded in his experiment.

Sadly for Veidt, Mr Phillips lands back in the manor's estate, but he is frozen to death. The spacesuit? Turns out it was absolutely useless. The animal skin with which Veidt made the suit was just not thick enough to be robust in extreme conditions.

So Veidt decides to tell another Mr Phillips (because at this point, there could be tens of them — clones — in one of the manor's many wardrobes) that he would be hunting and asks him to saddle his horse Bucephalus up.

At this point, we are certain that Veidt is trying to find a way to launch himself into space. Then we see this entire experiment followed by Veidt going on a hunt.

He manages to hunt and kill a buffalo but before he could carry the spoils back to the manor, he is shot by someone who looks like a lone ranger. Just when you wonder if this is Veidt's neighbor securing his property, we see Veidt receive a letter from the Game Warden.

In his letter, the Game Warden confirms our suspicions — that Veidt has so far been imprisoned. In the letter, the Game Warden warns Veidt that there will be consequences if Veidt experiments further to figure out ways to leave the manor.

It is clear that his captor (we say Dr Manhattan) is aware of his plans is making sure that Veidt knows that he knows. 

A still of Adrian Veidt removing the helmet to be used as part of his spacesuit. (HBO)

Now the letter also says that Veidt agreed to certain terms and conditions. Does this mean he voluntarily imprisoned himself in the manor? What would have pushed the famed Ozymandias to give in to a situation where he was captured, by none other than Dr Manhattan?

This is something we hope to find out in future episodes. However, here's the letter that Veidt responded with to the Game Warden, which even as it was being dictated by Veidt and typed by Ms Crookshanks brought a smile to our faces. Social media warriors have to learn the art of "burn" from none other than Veidt. 

He dictated, "Most Honorable Game Warden, I beg your pardon, sir, but you seem to suspect me of criminal activities as if I were a dastardly forest brigand... or worse, some sort of republic serial villain."

"I am neither, sire, and I assure you that my activities are purely recreational in nature. Furthermore, I would never imagine to transgress the terms upon which we agreed. I am available, at your leisure and by your grace, to discuss this matter further should you wish to repeat your ridiculous accusations in person. That said, I'm pleased you enjoyed the tomatoes. All the best wishes and encouragement. Adrian Veidt."

If ever there was a respectful way to say buzz off, this is it. Now, we wonder how Veidt will manage to stay within the terms that he agreed to, and come up with an escape plan. Also, poor Mr Phillips number 2. May you rest in peace!

The next episode of 'Watchmen' will air on HBO at 9 pm ET on Sunday. 

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