The death of veteran meme queen Nenobia Washington has left her fans devastated. The tragic news was confirmed by a now-deleted post shared on a Facebook account, apparently associated with her cousin Dupree Frederick, that read, “This is A Sad Sad Day I can’t believe I’m writing R.I.P to My fam/ Lil Cuzzin/Lil sis Zenobia R.I.P You Will be Truly missed May God bless your soul.”

The same social media account also reposted a now-deleted video of Washington in which she was seen blasting ISIS and asking them to stay away from America. “R.I.Paradise To My Lil Cuz / Sis The Queen of Brooklyn You will Always be missed This is F**kin me up right Now Love You Fam and my God Bless Your Soul Zenobia,” Frederick captioned it.


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This year comedians, like Sean Lock, Anthony 'AJ' Johnson, and Fuquan Johnson have died. Also, most recently comedian, YouTuber, and TikTok star Huey Haha breathed his last on October 27. He was just 22 and survived by girlfriend Heather Saizon and a daughter.

Though the cause of her death is not officially confirmed yet, it’s been said that she vanished on October 30 and a day later, her family confirmed her death. Besides, there are rumors that she died because of an overdose of a drug. A fan of hers expressed their shock and tweeted, “I was having an amazing day and now my day has been fucking RUINED. I really can’t believe Nenobia (queen bktidalwave, aka miss 'they killed biggie') is dead. I’m hearing she died of drug abuse?? Not that it matters how she died, I’m just so hurt that she’s gone.”



When a person named Yene Konjo wrote on, “she went missing numerous times, all times it was a case of her being coked out somewhere. Has it officially been confirmed that shes dead?” Another one said, “If she’s getting coked out in 2021 with fentanyl being put in everything, including weed, sis is really playing russian roulette.”

Someone called Stawny stated, “This is a loss for the culture. Nenobia has been battling addiction heavy and I want to say it’s been the worst it’s been the past couple of years. if this played into her cause of death, I hope her family and fanbase use this as a teaching moment to share resources and be more concerned with family members on drugs.” Another one added: “How long had she been using drugs? What was her drug of choice? Had she mentioned having a hard time because of covid. I’ve read about many addicts have been having a hard time because of covid. Things like being able to get there meds so they won’t have cravings to the loneliness of lockdown, have led to relapses and ODs.”

Getcholife said, “I’m so sad about this. I heard she passed from propofol I hope it’s not true. She always made me laugh and I love her tea room gifs. Sad day. RIP queen of Brooklyn.”

Meanwhile, several people showered their tributes for Washington and sent condolences to her family. One such tweet read, “Rest In Peace Queen Nenobia Washington. It breaks my heart that you weren’t able to grow old. You brought me so much joy and your personality was unmatched. You are an unforgettable person and a blessing!” Another one stated, “All she wanted to do was be great and that’s exactly what she was! RIP.” A Twitter user even claimed that “she was a nurse who worked the frontlines of the pandemic she loudly supported her bisexual son and stood up for what she believed in and made so many people smile everyday.”






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