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Idaho massacre: Where was Ethan Chapin's body found? Web sleuths connect his death to Xana Kernodle's wounds

Xana Kernodle's father had previously said his daughter's body had 'bruises' and she fought for her life — she's the only one with 'defensive wounds'
Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle were found dead on November 13 (Courtesy: Instagram/@xanakernodle)
Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle were found dead on November 13 (Courtesy: Instagram/@xanakernodle)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: On November 13, four students from University of Idaho were found brutally murdered in their house. Several reports suggests that the slain students were sleeping when they were stabbed to death but one of the four victims, Xana Kernodle's autopsy tells a different story. According to her autopsy report, the 20-year-old had defensive wounds on her body. Now some people on social media have claimed that Kernodle's boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, who was also found dead, was murdered in their hallway.

Kernodle's other flatmates, Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were also found dead in the house that is located near their college campus. Xana Kernodle's father Jeffrey Kernodle told CBS previously about his daughter's body having "bruises" and that she fought for her life. City of Moscow Police Department also confirmed this news and wrote on Facebook. "The coroner stated that the four victims were likely asleep, some had defensive wounds, and each was stabbed multiple times. There was no sign of sexual assault."


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Many internet theories have emerged while the police is still looking for the killer/killers. One Reddit user guessed that Ethan Chapin's body was actually found in the hallway and wrote, "My guess is Ethan wasn’t in the room, was possibly in the hallway, they saw Ethan laying there and shouted his name with no response and called Ethan’s brother. Ethan’s brother is in the same fraternity and if he lived in the house he could get there in less than 5 minutes. They haven’t released where the bodies were found so if it’s released that they were found in the room that may debunk my entire theory but it seems logical." Another one replied saying, "For sure, but the hallway was most likely dark and if they were in a panic they probably didn’t get close to him and maybe only saw him partially laying there/not the full extent of the scene."



Another one wrote, "No reason to think it's his (killer's) first murder though. If the dog is connected, that could've just been a warmup kill after a hiatus. Sometimes serial killers take time off between kills. All of them were stabbed in their sleep. Ethan being in the hallway doesn't mean he was up when he was attacked. Most likely he was stabbed in bed and was only able to make it to the hallway before collapsing." Another one described how Xana might have defended herself while she was getting stabbed and wrote, "I believe that Ethan might have went to the hallway and never returned because he was murdered. The killer then went to Kaylee and Maddie's room to kill them and by the time he came down, he might have heard Xana calling out Ethan's name, hence the defensive wounds. She was the only one with defensive wounds."



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