'Warrior' Season 3: Air time, live stream, release date, plot, cast, trailer and all about period drama on HBO Max

'Warrior' is yet to be renewed for a third season but the cast, crew and fans of the show are all hoping for renewal

                            'Warrior' Season 3: Air time, live stream, release date, plot, cast, trailer and all about period drama on HBO Max
Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm (Cinemax)

'Warrior' Season 2 ended on December 4 after the finale Episode 10 aired on Cinemax. There were cliffhangers and fans were left with quite a few questions about many of the character's future. However, Cinemax has not revealed the fate of the show. There has been no news of renewal for a new season and neither has there been a cancellation and that has left everyone in flux.

In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, actor Dianne Doan who plays Mai Ling spoke about season renewal and said, "I believe HBO or Cinemax has announced that at the end of Season 2, our show will be made available on the HBO streaming services - HBO Max. After that, we don't really know what's in store for Warrior. But I will say, with confidence, that we would love Season 3, we'd love to go back. There are a lot of cliffhangers and a lot of questions at the end of Season 2. At this point, even we don't know. But I'll never say never."

Andrew Koji, who plays the role of Ah Sahm in the show had also said that he hoped that the show would get picked up, and explained how he felt that there was more story to tell. He also said that he felt Bruce Lee's legacy deserved a conclusion. 

‘Warrior’ (Cinemax)

Release date

The show was officially renewed in 2021 and reports say it will move to HBO Max from Cinemax.

"We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to do another season, and we applaud HBO Max for understanding the importance of telling this story and for continuing to support this level of representation in our industry. I just know that my father is grinning right now to see this show he dreamed of so long ago continuing to beat the odds. We have every intention of delivering the same high level of meaningful storytelling and Gung Fu action in season 3!" an official statement read.

Dianne Doan as Mai Ling and Joe Taslim as Li Yong (Cinemax)


At the end of Season 2, fans will be left with many questions but certain aspects of the show will also be neatly tied in. For instance, we will see Lee resign from his job and hand in his resignation to Bill who tries to convince his partner that this is not the best idea. Ah Toy, for now, seems to be happily in love with Nellie Davenport and Ah Sahm is aware of their relationship.

After Young Jun takes the chair over at Hop Wei, Father Jun decides to go away on a trip but only after he fixes the differences that had cropped up between him and his son. However, the fate of Mai Ling, Ah Sahm, Leary, Penny, and the new Mayor Buckley is still not certain and we may be seeing more of this in the upcoming season if the show is renewed. 


Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm and Dianne Doan as Mai Ling

Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm and Dianne Doan as Mai Ling (Cinemax)

Andrew Koji plays the role of Ah Sahm who is the main lead of the show as the story unfolded in season 1 with him arriving in the US from China in search of his sister. In hopes of finding her, he joins a local tong called Hop Wei after a 'scrap' and later finds out that his sister portrayed by Dianne Doan has changed her name to Mai Ling and is now a part of a tong herself called Long Zii. Unfortunately Long Zii and Hop Wei do not get along and the resulting conflict leads to a change in this brother-sister dynamics in the show. 

Jason Tobin as Young Jun

A still of Chen Tang, Jason Tobin and Andrew Koji in 'Warrior' season 2, episode 7. (Cinemax)


Actor Jason Tobin plays the role of Young Jun, a man who belongs to Hop Wei. His father is the current leader of the tong and Young Jun hopes to one day inherit the chair. He discovers that Ah Sahm is talented and ends up becoming friends as the two experience near-death instances in season 1 and continue to do the same in season 2. Young Jun and Ah Sahm grow close like brothers and at the end of Season 2, they are left with a rift when the truth about Mai Ling's connection to Ah Sahm is revealed.

Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy

Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy (Cinemax)

Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy plays the role of the madame of a brothel in Chinatown that primarily serves Hop Wei's men. Ah Toy is also a skilled martial artist but this identity of hers is only known to Ah Sahm and the local businessman Chao.

Dean Jagger as Leary

A still of Leary before his fight with Ah Sahm in 'Warrior' season 2 episode 10 (Cinemax)

Dean Jagger as Leary plays the role of the leader of the working-class Irish men who are negatively affected by the increasing demand for Chinese labor that ends up being cheaper for businessmen. In an attempt to make things better for his countrymen, Leary takes Ah Sahm and Chinatown on only to realize that a war is not the way to solve the problem.

Dustin Nguyen as Zing

Zing and the Fung Hai men (Cinemax)

Dustin Nguyen who also directed a few episodes in Season 2, plays the role of Zing, who is the leader of the third tong called Fung Hai. He is ruthless and single-minded about being the only one in power and hence neither Mai Ling's companion Li Yong nor Chao appreciate it. The two collaborate with Bill, the Chinatown cop to bring Zing down, but at the end of Season 2, he escapes prison and is definitely going to gun for revenge. 

Other cast members include Kieran Bew as Bill, Hoon Lee as Wang Chao, Langley Kirkwood as Walter Franklin Buckley, Joe Taslim as Li Yong, Chen Tang as Hong, Joanna Vanderham as Penelope Blake, Tom Weston-Jones as Richard Lee, Céline Buckens as Sophie Mercer, Miranda Raison as Nellie Davenport.


Jonathan Tropper is the showrunner of the series. The former boss and co-creator of the Cinemax show 'Banshee' wrote the pilot script for 'Warrior' based on original material written by Bruce Lee. The show is executive produced by Shannon Lee and Justin Lin. 

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