GONE GIRL: Fans furious after Warner Bros ax 'irredeemable' $90M 'Batgirl' film in DC setback

GONE GIRL: Fans furious after Warner Bros ax 'irredeemable' $90M 'Batgirl' film in DC setback
Warner Bros' have decided to cancel the movie 'Batgirl', leaving fans enraged(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images, Leslie Grace / Instagram)

Joygasm is in vain! Warner Bros will not release the superhero film 'Batgirl' on HBO Max or in theaters. Numerous sources stated that 'Batgirl' movie is shelved. The star Leslie Grace was set to play Barbara Gordon / Batgirl. 

According to the New York Post, test screenings were so negative that the studio opted to scrap the nearly completed film. The budget for Batgirl has apparently risen to around $90 million due in part to COVID delays and related shutdowns. Other cast members included Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, and Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne, reprising his legendary role in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman and its sequel.


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Fans have been outraged by Warner Bros' decision to cancel Leslie Grace's 'Batgirl' film. Along with shock and real fury at the decision, the discussion on social media, particularly on Twitter, centered on Ezra Miller, because after months of increasingly terrible headlines from the actor's ongoing, very public personal troubles, his 'Flash' project is still on the schedule. 

A Twitter user wrote, "There's ruthless yet arguably necessary hard decisions made in the pursuit of a profitable business model...and then there's whatever this is. If WBD wants to restart the entire DC franchise from scratch, I get it. But it's a completed film with high-upside IP. Bizarre." Another wrote, "Talk about waking up and choosing violence." "how catastrophic can this movie be if they're *not even dumping it online* when the same studio is still planning to release Ezra Miller's Flash!!" wrote another. 

One user wrote, "They dropped $90 million on this and they're not even gonna RELEASE IT? At ALL? How bad could it be? Worse than MORBIUS?!??" "The fact that they’re shelving Batgirl but still planning to release that The Flash movie and praying somehow no one has read a single Ezra Miller story online for the past two years is…a choice." Wrote another. "Leslie Grace. Michael Keaton. Brendan Fraser. Adil El Arbi. Bilall Fallah. All of their hard work deserved to be seen by the world." tweeted a user. Another wrote, "What is your universe doing??????"  "ok but Ezra Miller is actually a menace. Not canceling his film but this one only because it’s going straight to streaming is stupid." wrote another. A fan who is fully upset wrote, "Can't believe this. So not fair! How can they do this to the cast?" 










Many others argued that the cancellation of the Batgirl project made them want to see it even more.

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