'War of the Worlds' Season 3: Will the EPIX sci-fi thriller be a hit? Trailer garners mixed reactions

'War of the Worlds' Season 3: Will the EPIX sci-fi thriller be a hit? Trailer garners mixed reactions
Gabriel Byrne in a still from 'War of the Worlds' Season 3 (EPIX)

'War of the Worlds' Season 3 might not be for everyone, at least not based on what some of the fans who have watched Seasons 1 and 2 shared about the trailer. Created and written by Howard Overman, and directed by Gilles Coulier and Richard Clark, the series is loosely based on HG Wells' 1898 novel of the same name. The thriller is set in present-day England and France and follows a Martian invasion where alien creatures ruthlessly kill humans.

Per EPIX, the official synopsis reads, "Set-in present-day France and the UK, War of the Worlds season three picks up as the war between the survivors and aliens reaches a new turning point and a terrifying phenomenon grips countless people across the globe. With stakes at an all-time high, one survivor sets out to investigate, forming a tentative partnership with another unlikely hero along the way. The pair will need to use every resource they have available to face opposition more dangerous than ever in their fight, once again, for the survival of all humanity."


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Response to trailer

After the trailer was released, several social media users expressed their views over the same. "I was intrigued by the first season despite its very loose connection to the source material it’s named after, disappointed by the direction it took in the second series and the revelation about the ‘aliens’ and their motives, and I was surprised to learn there would be a third season and wondered how it could look even remotely interesting to hold viewers attention. But this trailer has surprised me. I’ll give it one more try, so long as I treat it separate from the novel because even now this show has nothing to do with H G Wells’ words," one of the fans wrote in response to the trailer on YouTube.

"I genuinely have no idea how they can do a third season after the way the second ended. Maybe something with Zoe instead of Emily, but this all seems unnecessary. I'll happily give it a go. I have low expectations," another fan seconded.

"The third is always the worst" I mean why? Season 2 was confusing enough, but at least it had a good ending. Well, not for Emily (falling to her death) and Bill (for pushing Emily off the roof, so now he's in jail). But good for those who were killed in the invasion, because of Bill reversing time (preventing the aliens from ever being conceived and therefore stopping the invasion from happening) all those people never died. So I have no idea what's in for this new series, but I got a feeling it's gonna flop," another fan said.

"I can't believe they have a season 3!! Because season 1 explained the aftermath. Season 2 explained how it all began and they ended it. And season 3 is probably the aliens who were left over, they took their knowledge & created a black hole, probably to go back before he killed her or something !? So, without a doubt, this season is going to be particularly... interesting, to say the least! I'll watch it. I'll give it a go BUT, if you've followed the series closely, then you'll be as surprised as I heard a 3rd season! I'll be waiting all so patiently," a comment read.

Some were hopeful. "There is something that doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe I’m missing something. From the moment after Bill pushes Emily off of the roof, all of her descendants could never have been born and game over, correct? And yet two of her alien descendants walk out of the hospital and see her lying dead on the ground, they should no longer exist. This seems to be a big discrepancy. This is bothering me a lot. The way the second season ends leaves no clear justification for a third season," a fan wrote.

'War of the Worlds' Season 3 premieres September 12, 2022, on EPIX.

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