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How do the aliens die in 'War of the Worlds'? Season 3 of hit EPIX show promises to be a thriller

While the movie does stay true to HG Wells's book ending, the series just may deviate to give it a rather somber end
UPDATED AUG 31, 2022
The aliens in 'War of the Worlds' (EPIX)
The aliens in 'War of the Worlds' (EPIX)

If EPIX's hit sci-fi thriller 'War of the Worlds' Season 3 is the final installment, then the major question is how true it may stay to the original source material. This means answering the question of how the aliens die in the end after their earth invasion. The series, a loose adaptation of the 1898 novel by HG Wells, is set in present-day France and England, and fast-tracks its way to showcasing a near-dystopian world where alien creatures run amok ruthlessly killing humans.

'War of the Worlds' Seasons 1 and 2 were focused, cleverly made, and thoroughly full of suspense. For those who hoped for flying saucers, 'Independence Day'-ish scrimmages, and emotional and adrenaline-pumping speeches, the slick series makes sure it's past all the man vs aliens plotline. This attack could be possible and doesn't have to come from Mars. With Season 3 inbound, the focus now shifts to the aliens.


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How did the aliens die in HG Wells's novel and the subsequent adaptations?

There's no exact telling whether it was viruses, bacteria, or any other microbial life forms that killed the Martians on earth. In the book, per Britannica, the aliens were "slain by the putrefactive and disease bacteria against which their systems were unprepared.” The 2005 movie doesn't necessarily put things in context but explains that the death of these creatures resulted from their failed immune systems that couldn't adapt to microbes on earth.

At the end of the day, Wells' novel was pretty much a dark take on the bleak future of humanity, especially when they are up against a force they are not equipped to combat. While the epilogue of the movie and the book sees the protagonist making it out alive, the show might just change the outcome to give it a rather somber end.

The official synopsis of 'War of the Worlds' Season 3 reads, "Set in present-day France and the U.K., Season Three picks up as the war between the survivors and aliens reaches a new turning point and a terrifying phenomenon grips countless people across the globe. With stakes at an all-time high, one survivor sets out to investigate, forming a tentative partnership with another unlikely hero along the way. The pair will need to use every resource they have available to face an opposition more dangerous than ever in their fight, once again, for the survival of all humanity."

'War of the Worlds' Season 3 releases September 12 on EPIX.