'WandaVision' Episode 9 Spoilers: Will Wanda kill Hayward? These Reddit theories on deadly end will shock you

With the Scarlet Witch origin story, the birth of White Vision and a possibility of Wanda having to kill Vision (again), 'WandaVision' has us at the edge of our seats

                             'WandaVision' Episode 9 Spoilers: Will Wanda kill Hayward? These Reddit theories on deadly end will shock you
WandaVision (Disney+)

Spoilers for 'WandaVision' Episode 8

If Episode 8 of 'WandaVision' had you at the edge of your seat, then trust us when we say this, we feel you. While Episode 7 gave us Spectrum and uncertainty, Episode 8 can be summed as the origin story of the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff/Elizabeth Olsen) and the birth of White Vision (Vision/ Paul Bethany). 

If you're wondering just who exactly is White Vision is and what could this possibly mean for Wanda and her sons, we're here to break it down for you. Before you proceed, there are spoilers ahead, in case you haven't caught up on the series just yet. 

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White Vision makes an appearance (Disney+)

Who is White Vision?

At the end of Episode 8, we see that Hayward has successfully brought Vision 'back online'. However, this new version is not the Avenger we know and that Wanda loves - its one starkly devoid of color. This visual aspect is quite important - so far, when we've seen the Vision's corpse, it's always been a pale version, as though the very life force has been sucked out, leaving an ashy corpse behind. White Vision, on the contrary, is devoid of any colour - Vision's red, yellow and green combination is one of his most identifying factors. So to have that stripped entirely is an indicator that this isn't the Vision we've known so far. 


Is that a good or a bad thing? 

Interestingly, White Vision is a nod at the 1980s 'West Coast Avengers', in which Immortus, a Marvel villain has Vision captured and taken apart. The Avengers ultimately rescue him and Hank Pym rebuilds him. However, the missing piece of the puzzle remains the then-deceased Simon Williams aka Wonder Man's brain patterns, which Ultron used while creating Vision. Although Pym was able to bring him back, the lack of emotion and outer damage resulted in a colourless version of the Avenger, one void of who he really is. Long story short, Vision does regain his personality, after fighting Anti Vision, an alternate reality version of himself. While it's unlikely that we'll get any multiverse action in 'WandaVision' itself, Immortus is a name worth remembering, seeing that he happen to be Kang the Conquerer, the antagonist of the next 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' movie, played by Jonathan Majors. 

How is the storyline going to play out?

At this point, the series has multiple storylines that it can follow - but the question remains, who is the big bad? While it looks like it's Hayward for now, it could still be Agatha, Kang the Conqueror even Mephisto for that matter. Reddit has had some interesting ideas as to where the storyline could possibly go and all eyes point towards Dr Strange. In a Reddit thread posted by u/JohnnyHotshot, the user observes that the mystery book in Agatha's basement looks remarkably similar to the ones seen in 'Dr. Strange'. Another thread by u/Chewey98 points out to the fact that Dr. Strange might in fact make an appearance and clean up the mess, seeing that when he's referenced in 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' Maria Hill mentions that he's 'unavailable'. Seeing that timelines line up (post the blip) Dr. Strange might have just been dealing with Wanda. While this seems like a plausible theory, others are a bit of a reach, like Reddit user u/Reddit__PI implying that we might just get a Magneto appearance, seeing that Magneto is the twins 'father' in the mutants' storyline. Even though that does seem like a long shot, we wouldn't rule it out, seeing that we did get Pietro from the 'X-Men' saga.

Are Wanda and Hayward going to face off?

The latest episode was a clear indicator that everything we knew about Wanda's Vision inside the hex was a lie and no, this time, it wasn't Agatha Harkness. It's made clear that Wanda was gifted right from the start, she had the power to manipulate probability, although it was dormant, in a sense. On contact with the mind stone, it's these power's that get activated. Fast forward to Vision's (second death) and a mourning Wanda shows up at SWORD. Demanding that Hayward give her Vision's body so that she can give him a decent funeral. Hayward takes her to the lab where they are taking him apart and Wanda, who is now distraught, shatters the glass to get a closer look at the body.

Overcoming with grief, she leaves the SWORD headquarters and drives to Westview, to what looks like a plot of land. It's here that we see her open a letter - a property deed marked with a heart and a note - 'To grow old in. V'. Seeing that this is where Vision had intended on settling down with her, Wanda is fully overcome with grief and this is where she loses control, creating the hex and an entire alternate reality, including a version of Vision as well. While this version of him is truest to himself, it can only survive within her reality.

A glimpse of the Scarlet Witch in 'WandaVision' (Disney+)

Seeing that Hayward not only manipulated Monica Rambeau but Wanda as well, there's a good chance we'll see him face off against the former at some point, especially once she encounters White Vision, seeing that this version might potential try to kill her, or worse - she has to kill White Vision (again). We're hoping for a 'West Coast Avengers' situation where Wanda's Hex Vision takes over White Vision's body, but that might be a stretch (and too good to be true)

Twitter definitely had some opinions about a potential Wanda/Hayward faceoff. "#WandaVision episode 8 spoilers Hayward LIED about Wanda stealing Vision's body... Wanda & Agatha better unite and kill him idc idc fuck that man And when he's dead, Tony and Natasha can beat his ass too FUCK THAT MAN" tweeted a fan (we like the netherworld smack down). "I stg Wanda or Agatha better kill Hayward in the finale next week. He’s gotta go #WandaVision" said another. "HAYWARD LIED ABOUT WANDA STEALING THE BODY AND MADE VISION INTO SOME WEAPON??!!!! WHEN WANDA KILLS HIM IM SO READY" tweeted a user. 




Either way, the finale of 'WandaVision' has us at the edge of our seats and we can't wait to see what happens next!

'WandaVision' Episode 8 is available for streaming on Disney+.

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