Walmart slammed after its CRT training 'accuses' White staff of 'supremacy thinking'

Walmart first launched the program in 2018 and the said program allegedly calls the US a 'white supremacy system'

                            Walmart slammed after its CRT training 'accuses' White staff of 'supremacy thinking'
Walmart launched the CRT-based program in 2018 in partnership with the Racial Equity Institute, per whistleblower documents (Wallmart Corporate)

More than 1,000 Walmart employees reportedly underwent critical race theory training that allegedly teaches that the United States is a "white supremacy system" and that White trainees are guilty, by default, of “white supremacy thinking” and “internalized racial superiority."

Walmart first launched the program in 2018 in partnership with the Racial Equity Institute, according to whistleblower documents obtained by City Journal's Christopher Rufo. The retail giant has reportedly made the program — based on the core principles of critical race theory — mandatory for executives and recommended for hourly wage workers. Rufo blasted the company over its apparent hypocrisy, pointing out how all but one of the nine members in its top executive leadership is White, National Review reported.


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Speaking to Rufo, a Walmart source confirmed that it had "engaged REI for a number of training sessions since 2018” and had “found these sessions to be thought-provoking and constructive.” According to the report, the training claims the US is a “white supremacy system,” created by White Europeans “for the purpose of assigning and maintaining white skin access to power and privilege."


The program reportedly suggests White people are guilty of “white privilege” and “internalized racial superiority,” the belief that “one’s comfort, wealth, privilege, and success has been earned by merits and hard work” rather than through the benefits of systemic racism. It also claims that the culture of “white supremacy” is defined by several qualities, including “individualism, objectivity, paternalism, defensiveness, power hoarding, right to comfort, and worship of the written word.” Furthermore, the training insists that “discussions about racist conditioning” should occur in racially segregated groups as “people of color and white people have their own work to do in understanding and addressing racism."


Employees who belong to racial minorities are reportedly told they suffer from “constructed racist oppression” and “internalized racial inferiority” and struggle with internal messaging such as, “we believe there is something wrong with being a person of color, we have lowered self-esteem, we have lowered expectations, we have very limited choices, or we have a sense of limited possibility.”

According to the training, such internal thinking forces minorities to buy into the “myths promoted by the racist system and to develop feelings of self-hate, anger, rage, and ethnocentrism." The program concludes that the solution is for White people to work on “white anti-racist development” and to accept their “guilt and shame” and that “white is not right”. Meanwhile, it calls for "collective action” where “white can do right.”



Social media was inundated with criticisms of corporations pushing CRT. "The entire CRT ideology is self-refuting. If the US were truly a white supremacist system, it would not allow the widespread ideology that it is a white supremacist system - or, alternatively, that this was a negative thing," one tweeted. "Nothing like denouncing the country that made you, and allowed you to flourish..." a comment read. "Really simple - boycott Walmart and the rest of the big woke brands," another added. "That job isn't good enough to keep in the face of stuff like this. The employees should just quit and find a company that appreciates them," yet another chimed in.






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