Walmart brawl goes viral after worker knocks out shopper for allegedly spitting on him

In the video, a customer can be seen ramming a loaded shopping cart into the worker at the Walmart in Englewood, Colorado

                            Walmart brawl goes viral after worker knocks out shopper for allegedly spitting on him
A screengrab of the man knocked out after getting punched (Facebook/ Jarett Royster)

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO: A video capturing a brawl in a Walmart has gone viral. The shocking video shows a Walmart security worker knocking a customer out stone-cold with one punch after the shopper apparently spat on him.

A man called Jarett Royster first uploaded the video on Facebook, writing, “Walmart Englewood ain’t playin today,” followed by several laughter-emojis. He shared the 14-second clip on Tuesday, June 1. At the time of writing this report, the clip had more than 140 comments and more than 500 shares. 


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Another person uploaded the same video on Twitter with the caption: “Mfs wildin in Walmart,” with a crying emoji. The video, at the time of writing this report, had more than four million views. 

In the video, a customer can be seen ramming a loaded shopping cart into the worker. The security worker then goes after the customer, but he can be seen being held back by another person who reportedly may have been an employee. The customer used his shopping cart to block the worker and turned to leave. Reportedly, the customer then spat on the worker -- though it is not immediately apparent in the footage. The worker then punched the customer in the head, who could be seen falling to the floor, out cold.

As per Walmart spokesperson Casey Staheli, the man who punched the customer was a contracted, third-party security worker and not a Walmart associate. He has, per the spokesperson, since been banned from working at the retail giant’s stores. Staheli added that he was unable to confirm claims that the shopper in the clip spat on the security employee.

While initially it was debated if the altercation occurred in Chicago, Staheli later confirmed that the incident occurred at Walmart’s Englewood, Colorado, location. 


On the comments section in Facebook, there was much appreciation for the punch and its power. “Looks like he was trying to steal? That kid knocked him the he'll out!” said one person. Another person said, “Wow that goes to show never estimate Somebody by their size that kid was young and little word in the big guy.”

Many also supported the punch, justifying the violence because the man allegedly spat on the worker. “You spit on someone then you deserve to be knocked out! Give the Walmart employee a raise and a pat on the back for representing the Company. Walmart don’t tolerate rude customers. They should ban that customer for life from all other Walmart Stores,” wrote one person. “Spitting on someone is a very low action. Disrespectful and a coward at that. Nasty too. I don't blame that Walmart employee knocking him out!!!” wrote another person. 

One person commented: “well, the guy rammed him with a cart and spat on him. One would think after doing that, the little guy would retaliate. You can't disrespect and or assault people and turn your back on them.”

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