VP Debate 2020: Cardi B calls Susan Page 'b***h' and tells Pence to stop talking, fans want her as next moderator

An angry Cardi B posted multiple videos on her Instagram handle while she was watching the debate and her commentary was a hit among fans

                            VP Debate 2020: Cardi B calls Susan Page 'b***h' and tells Pence to stop talking, fans want her as next moderator
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Cardi B kept a close watch on today's Vice Presidential debate. She posted multiple videos on her official Instagram handle that showed her watching the debate with a group of friends. But the thing that caught the attention of her fans was how enraged Cardi was at debate moderator Susan Page. The debate between incumbent VP Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Kamala Harris was held at University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

In a series of posts made by Cardi, she can be heard yelling and screaming in frustration at her television screen. In the first post, which she captioned, "Working but WATCHING!!!" the 'WAP' rapper is heard yelling "Shut up! Shut the f**k up!" while alluding to Page, saying, "I know you got hired by them people." In the next post, Cardi is clearly angry as she captioned it: "Yoooo he violating I don’t like him. I DONT LIKE THIS MEDIATOR B***H GOT MY BLOOD PRESSURE HIGH!!!"

In this clip, Cardi can be heard playing the moderator herself and furiously saying, "Thank you Vice President, can you stop talking now?" She then goes on to say, "This s**t make me mad!" while someone in the background yells, "White privilege." Then, speaking in favor of Harris, Cardi says, "Now you gotta give Kamala Harris two minutes and thirty seconds cause he (Mike Pence) spoke for two minutes and thirty second." The clip ends with Cardi angrily saying, "The mediator, you b***h."

She then posted a third clip with the caption, "I’m hawt now!!!!!" In this video, Cardi is hitting her television screen while saying, "No, you can't do that! You gotta turn him down!" followed by, "She letting him break the rules, that's not fair." She finally ends the clip right before yelling at Pence saying, "Time to stop talking!" In the final clip posted by Cardi, which is captioned, "I wish I was there," she yells at Pence once again saying, "Why are talking about Osama Bin Laden? You're not answering the question! You is not f***ing answering the questions right!" She then accuses Pence of "eating into Harris' time".

Fans want 'Cardi B for moderator'

Many users commented on Cardi's Instagram posts where she is clearly angry at Page. One wrote, "Please moderate one of these." While another criticized Pence and said, "He has no respect for a woman’s authority." Another agreed with Cardi and said, "This is why they need to cut the mics if they go over the time they have allowed to speak!!!!" One more expressed similar sentiments and said, "Omg he just won’t stop when his time is up, no respect."

One took a rather sexist tone and said, "Cardi can't cook or clean stop worrying about politics and go find home etiquette." Another wrote, "Kamala got this she smacking him around." One more user supported Cardi and wrote, "Cardi B for moderator 2020." Another commented, "I swear he talks over his time and don’t be answering the questions."

Who is Susan Page?

Susan Page is the Washington bureau chief for USA Today. After watching the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, Page told USA Today, "It didn't change anything, but it kind of reinforced the idea that this is an event for which you have to be very, very prepared. I've tried to really think through what would be an approach that would work to keep the debate on track."

Page is a veteran White House reporter who has been with USA Today since 1995. She first covered the 1980 presidential race between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. She wrote a book about former First Lady Barbara Bush ('The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty') and is currently writing one on Nancy Pelosi ('Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power'). In 2018, Page was criticized for throwing a party for Trump administration official Seema Verma (head of Medicare and Medicaid Services).

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