Ravi's label GROOVL1N dismisses reports he's dating Taeyeon, just hours after confirming it: 'They are just friends'

Just hours after confirming that Ravi was dating Taeyeon, GROOVL1N dismissed any such claims and insisted they were just friends

                            Ravi's label GROOVL1N dismisses reports he's dating Taeyeon, just hours after confirming it: 'They are just friends'
Ravi and Taeyeon (Getty Images)

It all started early on Sunday when Joynews24 reported that Taeyeon of Girls' Generation and Ravi of VIXX were dating. Since then, between SM Entertainment, the agency that handles Taeyeon, and GROOVL1N, the recording label owned by Ravi, the entire ordeal has been made a complete mess of with contradictory statements being released by different parties, leaving fans with one question: Are Ravi and Taeyeon really dating?

SM Entertainment, Taeyeon's agency, was quick to respond to the report and said it was only speculation. "They're close friends who work together on music. It's not true that they're dating," the agency said. A few hours later, GROOVL1N, which was founded by Ravi, released their own statement claiming that the two stars were indeed dating. 

In the statement, GROOVL1N wrote, "It's true that they're dating. Please do not make any guesses so they can have a good relationship." Since this statement was made public, many of Taeyeon and Ravi's fans wrote in support of their favorite stars and said that dating between celeb idols should be normalized and stars should be allowed to date at appropriate ages. 

But the twist came in the form of a second statement released by GROOVL1N just hours after the first one. In this, they dismissed any claims of having confirmed the report that was published by Joynews24 and said, "They (Ravi and Taeyeon) became close while working on music together, and have been getting along together as friends." Addressing the earlier report, the recording label said that they were not sure who from the recording label had confirmed the rumor but vehemently denied that Ravi and Taeyeon were dating. 

The initial reports about the two stars dating had also insisted that Taeyeon and Ravi had spent Christmas Day together. It stated that the two couldn't step out because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It details that Ravi had picked Taeyeon up at her home in Seonsu-dong at 10 am after which the two-headed to his home in Seolleung, Gangnam. It was also reported that the two of them met last winter after being introduced by acquaintances. 

The majority of fans said they hoped the two stars will not receive toxic responses, especially Taeyeon. One fan wrote, "Taeyeon and Ravi deserve to be happy y'all ruined her life when she was with Baek I hope Knetz leave her alone this time I'm so happy for them and she's got her happiness after ages." Taeyeon, in the past had been in a relationship with EXO's Baekhyun. The two of them had been handled by the same agency, SM Entertainment, and that is how they met in 2011. The couple officially confirmed the news only in 2014. In 2015, however, the two had broken up but had not revealed the reason why. The agency cited busy schedule but fans believe that toxic fanship and online bullying could have influenced their decision as well. 

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