Viviz ‘Beam of Prism’: Release date, tracks, all about the GFriend stars’ re-debut album

Viviz ‘Beam of Prism’: Release date, tracks, all about the GFriend stars’ re-debut album
Former GFriend members, Eunha, Umji, and SinB, will make their re-debut as a three-member girl group, Viviz with the mini-album, 'Beam of Prism' (@VIVIZ_official/Twitter)

The girl group Viviz, made of three former members of the now-disbanded girl group,GFriend, is soon going to make a debut in the K-pop industry. The three former idols chose to sign with the label Big Planet Made Entertainment after the disbandment of GFriend. Now, the trio of Eunha, Umji, and SinB will make their debut together for a second time, this time as members of Viviz, and aim to present a unique new flavor. They may be well-known faces but Viviz is a fresh start for them all. 

While the news of GFriend’s disbandment did not leave fans happy, the news of former group members coming back together seemed to have helped fans recover somewhat. Due to their existing fanbase, Viviz members were able to garner a lot of attention for their re-debut. But as the second wave of Covid-19 has struck South Korea and the K-pop industry in particular, all three Viviz members tested positive for Covid-19, causing fans to worry about the group's re-debut activities. For now, no changes have been announced in the schedule for the upcoming debut. Viviz members had said their mini-album is called ‘Beam of Prism’, which will be reflective of their journies in the K-pop industry since their disbandment from GFriend.


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Viviz's, Eunha, Umji, and SinB are currently resting as all three members recover from Covid-19 ahead of their debut with the EP, 'Beam of Prism' (@VIVIZ_official/Twitter)

Release Date

Viviz will make their debut with their mini-album titled, ‘Beam of Prism’ on February 9, at 6 pm KST (4 am ET)

How to Listen

You can listen to Viviz’s re-debut mini-album ‘Beam of Prism’ on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and MelOn among others.

The girl group Viviz will make their debut with their first mini-album, 'Beam of Prism' (@VIVIZ_official/Twitter)


1. ‘Intro’
2. ‘Bop Bop’ [Title Track]
3. ‘Fiesta’
4. ‘Tweet Tweet’ 
5. ‘Lemonade’
6. ‘Love You Like’
7. ‘거울아’ (Mirror)

According to the tracklist the label released, Viviz is going to drop a seven-track album as their debut EP. The single, ‘Bop Bop’ (BOP BOP) will serve as the album’s title track. The title song 'Bop Bop’ is a hybrid pop dance genre song that combines a Latin rhythm with that of disco. Just as the term, “bop” is used to describe good music, Viviz members are aiming to impress fans with their unique musical color with which they will express their rhythm. The b-side song ‘Love You Like’ is an RnB song with impressive lyrics that narrate the gratitude Viviz members have for their fans who waited for their re-debut.



Unlike their older concepts as GFriend members, Eunah, Umji, and SinB, members of Viviz aim to show a unique side to themselves in a dreamy concept laced with a brutal edge. In two different sets of concept photos released, each member embodies duality as they show off their dreamy and girly side paired with a more sophisticated and mature look. Each member also individually appeared for both concept ideas. While Eunha caught the eye with her doll-like appearance, SinB showed perfect proportions and her sharp visuals thanks to her tall frame. Umji on the other hand stood out in the red background as she successfully transformed into a sultry woman, quite unlike her past self.



Viviz members are yet to drop the teaser for ‘Beam of Prism’. The teaser will be released on February 7 and 8, right before their debut.

Music Video

Viviz will drop the music video for their title track, ‘Bop Bop’ from their redebut mini-album ‘Beam of Prism’ on February 9 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

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