Who is Virgil Texas? Chapo Trap House ex-host allegedly groomed girl, 16, via FaceTime

The Twitter user, 24, who joined the platform under the name Jennifer Seberg, made the allegations against Virgil Texas public on June 9

                            Who is Virgil Texas? Chapo Trap House ex-host allegedly groomed girl, 16, via FaceTime
Virgil Texas is a former host of left-wing podcast Chapo Trap House and currently a podcast co-host for Bad Faith with prominent leftist Briahna Joy Gray (Twitter/@virgiltexas)

A woman has come forward accusing Virgil Texas, former host of left-wing podcast Chapo Trap House, of engaging in an inappropriate relationships with her when she was underage.

The 24-year-old Twitter user, who joined the platform under the name Jennifer Seberg, made public allegations against Texas on Wednesday, June 9, the Daily Dot reported. According to Daily Dot, rumors that Texas dated a teenager have been making the rounds for a while. 


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Who is Virgil Texas?

Texas, who once hosted Chapo Trap House, is currently a host for Bad Faith, a podcast he co-hosts alongside Briahna Joy Gray, who served as press secretary for Sen Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign.

Rumors about his relationship with an underage girl prompted one Twitter user @MenshevikM to tweet in April, "Did the rumors about him dating an underage girl get him in trouble. why are all his close friends being so tight-lipped about it[?]"


Chapo Trap House released a statement on May 19 saying Texas was leaving the podcast “in order to pursue other creative projects" after spending four years at the company as a co-host, co-producer, and collaborator.

However, Texas's alleged abuse of Seberg began years ago, she says. “When I was a teenager, I thought Virgil Texas was very funny,” Seberg wrote in a Twitter thread. “I asked him to proofread an essay I submitted to a website, and emailed it to him. The essay was about turning 16. We talked a little bit, and I thought he was very cool because he was funny and he lived in NY.”

Seberg said she and Texas exchanged phone numbers after the conversation and began texting late at night when she was alone in her bedroom. Eventually, they began FaceTiming and often spoke about his alleged girlfriend at the time, Marie Calloway.


But the FaceTimes increased after Calloway left the picture, according to Seberg. “I believed that we were in a long-distance, adult relationship as he requested things of that nature from me,” she alleged.

While Seberg did not divulge explicit details of their FaceTime calls, she wrote, "I think you get the idea and it was traumatizing for me for many years.” According to her, Texas also told her she “had a nice chest — not the word he used — ‘for my age.’”


Texas eventually "lost interest" in Seberg, she said. When she went to college, she began to realize the negative toll their alleged relationship had taken on her emotional health. “He fucked with my head at a very young age, and now, I realize that even though he is much more successful now than he was when I met him, that it’s still disgusting,” she said, adding that she “refuse(s) to excuse him for his abuse of me.”


According to Seberg, she decided to come forward with her story after the Daily Caller reached out to her about their "relationship" and she saw Texas rubbing shoulders with prominent leftists such as Gray, Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), and Chelsea Manning.

Seberg said she was "terrified" that a right-wing publication had reached out to her about her trauma. “I started feeling like anything I ever said against him would immediately label me as conservative, pro-Trump, etc.," she added.


In conclusion of her Twitter thread, she urged "all women" who worked with Texas to "stay incredibly cautious.”

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