'We're right in the middle of it': Viral video shows Florida couple drive into tornado

In the video, Regina Kazar was heard saying to husband Ernest, 'We need to pull over. We're right in the middle of it,' as the camera shook vigorously

                            'We're right in the middle of it': Viral video shows Florida couple drive into tornado
Viral video shows Florida couple drives right into tornado and survives (The Weather Channel/ Facebook)

A winter storm left much of the eastern coast in the US under snow on Sunday morning on January 16, as tornadoes continue to batter Florida. At least four people were injured, and the storm left a lot of destruction behind. It left hundreds homeless after destroying 65 homes and over 100 mobile homes in three different communities.

Several videos uploaded on social media as well as those obtained by various local news outlets showed a harrowing number of close calls as a number of twisters tore through the state. In one such instance, a Florida couple found themselves caught on the road as they drove right into a tornado. Ernest and Regina Kazar were driving down the road in Fort Myers and the tornado appeared to be miles away. As they went a quarter mile down the road, they found themselves in the middle of the twister. "A lot of stuff hitting the truck. A lot of wind. We put our heads down, because we didn't want nothing coming through impaling us through the window. It was just surreal," Regina told the Weather Channel.



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In the video, Regina was heard saying, "We need to pull over. We're right in the middle of it," as the camera shook vigorously and Ernest exclaimed, "Hold on!"

Mini truck overturned by tornado


There were similar videos that went viral on Twitter. For example, a semi-truck was flipped on its side by an EF-1 storm, topping speeds of 110 mph and spanning about 50 yards wide. The twister that crossed Interstate 75 in Charlotte County left the trucker with minor injuries. The dash camera video from a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser reportedly captured the tornado crossing Interstate 75 on Sunday morning. The video, recorded around 9:30 am in Collier County, showed a large funnel cloud crossing the highway as strong storms moved across the area.


FHP asked drivers to monitor weather conditions as storms move across the state to be safe. The Sheriff’s Office said a deputy was driving near Marco Island when he saw a tornado traveling north toward US 41. He then put on his emergency lights and made a U-turn at the traffic signal. He followed the tornado at a safe distance to ensure that motorists in the area were aware of it. eventually, the tornado then crossed over US 41 and started to dissipate.



People staying near Fort Meyers captured videos that showed debris flying through the air as an EF-2 storm moved through Lee County. The twister brought heavy rain and strong winds. Trailers at the Tropicana RV Resort were torn to pieces. Twenty-eight homes were destroyed and another 62 were rendered unlivable, Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass said. It also left at least four residents injured. Two other EF-0 tornadoes downed power lines, trees and tore the roofs off several homes after they landed on Sunday.


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