Kentucky tornado: 2 infants wrapped in a blanket with a Bible rescued from bathtub

Kentucky tornado: 2 infants wrapped in a blanket with a Bible rescued from bathtub
Two babies found in a bathtub after tornado (Credit: Facebook and Hopkins County Sheriff)

The moment when sheriff deputies found two babies in a bathtub wrapped in a blanket with a bible was captured in their bodycams. The babies were hidden there to shelter before the Kentucky tornado destroyed their home. The tornado has resulted in the death of 78 people until now. The tornado sucked up the whole tub with the babies inside and flung it from the house. 

The two baby boys, Kaden, 15 months old, and Dallas, three months old were taken away from their home in Barnsley when the tornado hit the city on December 10. The babies were put inside the bathtub by their grandmother. As the storm hit, she tucked them in the bathtub with a blanket and a bible. 


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The newly released footage shows that when two sheriff deputies and two volunteers were searching the wreckage of Clara Lutz's home, in the ripped pieces of the house they found Kaden and Dallas. The kids were found 35 minutes after the storm hit the city. The sun had gone down and it was pouring heavily in the town located 90 miles away from the city where the tornadoes have hit the worse, Mayfield

While the sheriffs were searching at night through the debris with flashlights, they found an overturned bathtub that still held the two little babies. As the infants were returned to their grandmother, she cried in happiness and said, "Oh thank you, Jesus! and a sheriff's deputy reassured her: 'I told you we would get them.'"

Kaden was pulled out safely from the bathtub and appeared happy and fine when he was taken out. He did not even cry much. The strong tornado has killed more than 93 people in the five states . Until now, more than 40 tornadoes have hit the midwest cities. 

After the babies were rescued successfully and reunited with their grandmother, she yelled, "Praise god, lord Jesus! Oh thank you, Jesus." While Kaden is fine, Dallas has suffered brain bleeding from the effects of the storm. He is admitted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville. He is stable and the bleeding stopped on reaching the hospital. 


Talking about how her entire was shattered in the tornado, she told Click Orlando, "I felt rumbling. I felt the shaking of the house. The next thing I knew, the tub had lifted and it was out of my hands. I could not hold on. I was looking everywhere to see where the tub may be. I had no clue at all where these babies were. All I could say was lord please bring these babies back to me safely. Lord please, I beg thee."  

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