Chicago mayhem: WILD videos show hundreds of teens twerk and party on streets at night

About 400 partygoers, mostly 14-21 years old, crowded the North Avenue Beach at night and later took the wild party to the streets

                            Chicago mayhem: WILD videos show hundreds of teens twerk and party on streets at night
Viral video shows hundreds of teens swarming Chicago streets at night and jumping on cars after spilling over from North Avenue Beach (Photo by @Paulvallas/@ChicagoContrar1/@heyFATabbot/Twitter)

The windy city of Chicago was thrown into chaos a few days ago. Social media videos from May 11, appear to show hundreds of teenagers and young people causing 'absolute chaos' on the city's streets. Large groups of teenagers were seen racing around the streets and even leaping on cars in footage from the unruly night. The chaos unfurled in the city's downtown area's northern section. According to Daily Mail, police had to put snow plows to safeguard the area after a video of the commotion was captured mere blocks from Illinois Governor JB Pritzker's residence.

A video from earlier in the day appeared to show a big gathering of people jumping on top of a city bus. The video was published on Twitter by Paul Vallas, the former CEO of Chicago Public Schools and a contender for the mayor of Chicago. He wrote, "Tonight downtown is in absolute chaos. Juveniles jumping on top of buses, and cars, terrorizing residents, tourists & businesses. These mass groups fought CPD & only minimal arrests were made. Why? Because CPD isn’t allowed to, they have no plan & they didn’t have enough manpower."


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On May 11, a notice was distributed on social media inviting people to congregate near North Avenue Beach. It promoted a drinking competition, a twerk competition, and a cameraman will be present. It's unclear whether the flyer is linked to the group of young people mentioned by Chicago cops. On Wednesday, May 11, evening, Chicago Alderman Michele Smith of Chicago’s 43rd ward said, a group of about 400 people, including juveniles, flooded the streets of downtown Chicago while adding, “The event advertising said it was open to all ages and would feature a drinking contest, boxing matches, and twerking contests. This promoted event was unpermitted by the City and the Park District. Police received advance warning of the event and placed extensive resources at every entrance to the beach, including the pedestrian bridge.” 

Smith condemned the unpermitted party, which was anonymously promoted on social media and encouraged people to bring their own alcohol and drugs, she said in an email to her constituents. About 400 partygoers, mostly 14-21 years old, crowded the beach Wednesday evening, Smith said. The crowds were dispersed between 11 p.m. and midnight, she said.

Citizens app videos showed large crowds gathered at the Shell station at North Avenue and LaSalle Boulevard, the BP station at LaSalle Drive and Clark Street, and in the intersection of North Avenue and Clark Street. A few people were seen jumping on top of cars, and at least one driver jumped out of his vehicle. There were possibly hundreds of people walking in the middle of the street.




Additionally, Chicago police reported they responded to a youth gathering that had dispersed from a popular beach. CBS News reports one person was arrested in relation to the night. Tremaine Patterson, 18, was charged with one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct. Police said he was arrested at 11:25 pm, after he "was part of a large altercation" and ignored officers' commands to disperse, and "continued to try to cause bodily harm to several individuals."

Chicago has been plagued by large gatherings of boisterous teens and young people for years. Police have had to cancel days off and expand their presence in Chicago's downtown region several times in the past, according to the Daily Mail. The problem looks to be getting worse as the temperature warms up throughout the summer.