Who is Adrian Lopez? 150 arrested as Huntington Beach birthday bash for TikTok star adrian.lopez517 ends in chaos

Police said an estimated 2,500 people descended upon Huntington Beach for 'Adrian's Kickback' since a guy named Adrian posted about his birthday earlier this week

                            Who is Adrian Lopez? 150 arrested as Huntington Beach birthday bash for TikTok star adrian.lopez517 ends in chaos
2,500 people descended upon downtown Huntington Beach for 'Adrian's Kickback' (TikTok/@ liamtheimpaler via Twitter)

Police said an 'uncontrolled' and 'unruly' crowd of teens hurled fireworks, bottles and rocks at officers during a famous TikTok star's birthday party held on May 22. TikTok star, Adrian's birthday party in Huntington beach descended into chaos soon as a large number of teens gathered got into a brawl with the police officers who wanted to disperse the large gathering. Police estimate that at least 2,500 people were gathered by the fire pits on May 22 night in Huntington beach.

Twitter was flooded with people taking a jibe at the whole incident, asking 'Did Adrian even attend his own party'. Various viral videos were posted on the site with the hashtag 'Adiranskickback'. The invite had the caption, “Pop out n celebrate my bday‼️‼️‼️ #partynextdoor #turnitup #SpotlightAPI #beach #projectx #function.” The party takes its name from a song by Adrian Hour, an Argentinian DJ and music producer, according to Deadline. The post had generated more than 3 million views and talk who’s attending, how to get there and more logistics created in support of the event had shown up all over the Internet. 


What is Adrian's Kickback? 149 arrested at viral TikTok party for hurling rocks, bottles at Huntington Beach cops

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What happened on the night of Adrian's birthday?

A massive gathering of party-goers started on Huntington beach when TikTok star, Adrian with the user name, adrian.lopez517 invited anyone and every one to his birthday party by Huntington Beach's fire pits on May 22, as reported by the Orange County Register on May 23. Adrian deleted the post later. Police Lt. Brian Smith shared that at least 400 people showed up as early as Friday, May 21 evening near a lifeguard tower for the said party.

Law enforcement officials declared an unlawful assembly shortly after the crowd began to launch fireworks near the fire pits. Various videos from the wild party were posted with the hashtag, 'AdriansKickBack'. The hashtag received more than 234 million views on TikTok. "It's the first lit party since COVID, " a partygoer told a New York Times reporter.

An even larger crowd gathered on Saturday, May 22 evening. Police estimated that somewhere around 2,500 people gathered at the beach. "The initial crowd at the beach grew in size and moved to the downtown area where it was estimated to be over 2,500, " the Huntington Beach Police Department said in a statement. "As the crowd size continued to grow rapidly, large groups disbursed into various locations throughout the area, throwing bottles, rocks, fireworks, and other items at officers. At that time, the HBPD requested assistance from outside agencies, " the statement further read.





By the evening, over 150 officers were deployed to Huntington Beach. They ordered the crowd to disperse and issued an overnight curfew when the crowd began to climb a lifeguard tower while shooting more fireworks. Video footage from the scene shows officers shutting streets and firing less-lethal rounds to control the crowd. Police also claimed that some people threw bottles, rocks and fireworks at officers. 150 people were arrested including 121 adults and 28 juveniles who were booked for vandalism, illegally setting fireworks, failing to disperse and violating curfews, said police spokeswoman Jennifer Carey.






As various videos from the party went viral on social media, people started a fun streak on Twitter with the hashtag 'Adrianskickback' asking where is Adrian and why didn't he attend his own birthday party. People flocked Twitter with tweets like, "Adrian safely at home watching the crowds and chaos in Huntington Beach on TV right now, " "Did Adrian even attend his own kickback!? I need to know!!, "Why is everyone talking about my kickback? And why wasn’t I invited af??" and "did he show up?" One tweet read, "I just realized this whole #adrianskickback shit is just like one of Gatsby’s parties where nobody knows the host personally nor even know what he looks like lmao."













A lot of properties, including some downtown businesses, police vehicles and a lifeguard tower were damaged in the kerfuffle, although no significant injuries were reported, the spokeswoman for the police further said.

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