Terrified Afghan crowd charges aircraft in Kabul airport in chilling echo of Saigon 1975

Terrified Afghan crowd charges aircraft in Kabul airport in chilling echo of Saigon 1975
Scene of Vietnamese evacuees getting onto an Air America helicopter half mile from the US Embassy, in April 1975 (left), is eerily similar to civilians at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul (right) trying to get into cargo flights (Getty Images/BBC)

The situation in Kabul is only worsening as the militant group Taliban marched into the capital of Afghanistan preparing to take full control of the country two decades after they were removed by the US military. Social media was flooded with clips of hundreds of Afghans desperately trying to leave Kabul airport. President Ashraf Ghani has already fled the country, saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed.

One such clip went viral on Twitter and shows the horrors that civilians are facing as the Taliban recapture cities in Afghanistan. The viral clip shows people crowding the airport tarmac in Kabul after the Taliban took over the capital. Some social media users are drawing comparisons with 1975 Saigon. "PHOTO 1: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the #Taliban enter #Kabul from all sides. #Afghanistan (2021) PHOTO 2: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the PAVN & Viet Cong capture of Saigon, Vietnam (1975)" one user wrote, accompanied by a photo of the two scenes that are eerily similar. The Saigon photo is from April 29, 1975, while the second photo from Kabul is from August 15, 2021.




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A tweet with the video footage of the chaos at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul pointed out how people were "crowding the airport" after the Taliban entered the capital city.


Commercial flights have been suspended so civilians are looking to board cargo planes. The civilian side of Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul closed, the airspace over the airport was released to the military - NOTAM (notice to airmen). As the commotion at the airport becomes deadlier, at least five people were killed in Kabul airport as hundreds of people tried to forcibly enter planes leaving the Afghan capital, witnesses told Reuters. As per the latest reports, one witness said he had seen the bodies of five people being taken to a vehicle. Another witness said it was not clear whether the victims were killed by gunshots or in a stampede.



Obviously, given the radical situation, debates have started on social media. And many people have taken to social media sites to share their thoughts. Most importantly, it has brought to light the condition of the people in the country at this point - and  "This war only benefitted US politicians and the defense industry. I dont get why people who join the service think they are protecting anything. They are fighting in for profits wars to make other people rich. This war did nothing but cost innocent lives," one user wrote. "This is what happens when countries are invaded, for selfish reasons and some groups emerged in a violent manner. the citizens are the only ones who are suffering," another added. 



Another user wrote, "The US invaded Afghanistan with a goal to catch their no.1 enemy started chaos through out the country. 2 decades later after completed the mission, they left the country under the arms of terrorists saying it's the Afghan's problem. A world class act!"



For others, just to see the situation develop over social media, is simply shocking. "They are NOT going to be able to get everyone out. Gas lines to refuel planes Iโ€™m sure are cut. They will be circling for hours to look for a place to land very few countries want people associated with Taliban. The runway distance to pull up will be shorter. Geez hell on earth!"


Another user lamented, "This is so damn awful. How many innocent people and our troops have been killed these past 20 years? Too many. Too many lives lost and for what? Nothing. Bush is probably watching this thinking "Maybe I shouldn't have went in". The forever war is over but there is no victory."


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