BRAWL-BALL! Raiders-Cowboys game descends into chaos as violent fights break out on and OFF the field

Raiders safety Roderic Teamer and Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph were ejected from the game after one bloody brawl, which only lasted a few seconds

                            BRAWL-BALL! Raiders-Cowboys game descends into chaos as violent fights break out on and OFF the field
Violent brawls broke out at the Raiders-Cowboys Thanksgiving game (Twitter, ESPN)

A number of violent brawls broke out at the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving football game on Thursday, November 26, where not only players but also their fans got involved. 

Two of the fights during the NFL game happened between Raiders and Cowboys players, where one group wrestled with each other, grabbing helmets and violently pushing one another. The violence then spread among the spectators of the game, who threw punches and attacked each other in the stands. The referee of the match also got hurt in the process as the bloody brawl broke out between the players during the third quarter. As a result, a couple of players were ejected from the game.


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What led to fight between players?

With about 13 minutes left in the quarter, Raiders punter AJ Cole III kicked the ball out of bounds. Raiders safety Roderic Teamer and Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph started wrestling each other to the ground rolling towards the stands on the Raiders sideline as the play was called. In an attempt to break up the fight, their teammates decided to intervene but soon several players from both teams began to brawl.


At some point, a couple of players from each of the opposing teams grabbed rival players' helmets from the front. Both Teamer and Joseph were ejected from the game, after the brawl, which only lasted a few seconds. Field judge Tom Hill was seen with a bloodied chin which he later covered with a band-aid as he continued reffing the holiday game. The Raiders ended up bagging their first holiday win since 1968 as they won 36 to 33 on Thanksgiving.


However, even after the game ended, the anger between the two teams didn't end. Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill was caught on camera violently shoving Raiders guard John Simpson on the field. The two players were separated as a small group of the players and coaching staff circled around the fight that was about to escalate. The league will be reviewing the incident and possible suspensions and a fine may be handed down. 

Women quarrel over nachos

However, these were not the only fights that broke out at the Thanksgiving game arena. Two women were left covered in nachos after a fight broke out at the concession stand at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. A woman, assumed to be a stadium staff member, jumped over the food counter in an attempt to chase another woman down. The moment was caught on camera. The staff member slipped on the nachos that were already strewn on the ground, after hopping over the counter. 


She was promptly punched in the face by a woman after she got up from the ground that nearly knocked her blue baseball cap off her head. A third woman in a Cowboys jersey attempted to separate the two women who continued to throw punches at each other and pull each other's hair. Soon others joined in to help pull the women apart as a crowd gathered around the fighting pair. The woman who threw the first punch was dragged away at the end of the video. According to TMZ, several arrests were made "for intoxication" but it is unclear whether or not either woman was taken into custody.

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