Ragnar Lothbrok: Will 'Vikings' star Travis Fimmel be back in the final season?

Season 5 has been without Ragnar Lothbrok. With season 6 being the final season, fans question if he will be back in any way and we question what the actor has been up to lately.

                            Ragnar Lothbrok: Will 'Vikings' star Travis Fimmel be back in the final season?

Ragnar Lothbrok's "many sons" are the crux of season 5's plot and unsurprisingly the death and departure of the Vikings' lead after 4 glorious seasons hasn't hampered the fandom. With season 6 reported to be the final installment of the History Channel's flagship show, fans are enquiring if Ragnar Lothbrok will be returning. Just because he is dead, does not mean he cannot come back right? Maybe a glimpse of Valhalla will give us a scene or two with the Vikings' ultimate heartthrob - the blue-eyed Scandinavian warrior Ragnar Lothbrok.

While the plots and comeback characters of season 6 are still under wraps, the excitement for the final season is only growing. So far, in season 5, Ragnar Lothbrok's presence has been missed but it hasn't felt like a void, thanks to his "many sons," who have taken center stage as the protagonists as well as the antagonists. But even more so than the question of Ragnar Lothbrok's return to the show, we wonder what the actor who plays the role is up to.

Travis Fimmel may now be known for his breakout role as Ragnar Lothbrok, but the actor made waves across the globe as the first male model in the world to secure a six-figure deal to model exclusively for Calvin Klein for a year. While at it, it was reported that one of his London billboards had to be pulled down after complaints of traffic congestion and accidents by "rubbernecking" female drivers. However, Fimmel dismissed the story as a rumor.

When the Australian born actor switched to acting, he landed his first role as a lead in 2003's TV series, 'Tarzan.' Just like with modeling, Fimmel easily captured the audience with his acting skills, charm, and good looks. After securing a series of films and TV series under his credit, it was with 'Vikings' that Fimmel established himself as a global sensation, getting nominated for IGN Awards for 'Best TV Hero.'

Garnering fans all over the world, Fimmel as Lothbrok became the heart of History Channel's number one hit show. So, when he ultimately died in season 4, lying in the bottom of the snake pit, there was a lot of scrutiny as to how the show would survive without him. But coming this far this season, suffice to say the show survived without Ragnar, although it turns out the History Channel hasn't let the 39-year-old actor go. After all, once a great Viking, always a great Viking.

Travis Fimmel attends the 'Lean On Pete' premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at The Elgin on September 11, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. (Source: Getty Images)
Travis Fimmel attends the 'Lean On Pete' premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at The Elgin on September 11, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. (Source: Getty Images)

Three weeks after getting killed as Ragnar, he immediately took up the role of another historical figure, the notorious gunslinger and professional badass Wyatt Earp, produced by the same A&E cable network. It was reported Fimmel had written the first episode of the show and was both executive producing it as well as starring in it.

While releasing the announcement, History channel's rep, Arturo Interian, said "Travis is a remarkable actor and we’re honored to continue our relationship with him after his recent magnetic performance on Vikings. Just as Travis brought a completely fresh and unexpected approach to his character Ragnar Lothbrok, this would be an unconventional portrayal of Earp like you’ve never seen. We intend to capture the violent spirit of the great Sergio Leone films through telling the true story of criminal turned lawman."

There hasn't been much of an update after that, but what we do know is that the actor is still working closely with the cable network. When season 6 was under production and filming in 2018, a fan chanced upon the actor near the filming location in Ireland and uploaded the picture on Instagram. Fans quickly speculated that Fimmel returning to season 6 was a high possibility.


As for what the actor plans next, Fimmel was clear that he will not pursue Hollywood because he never wanted to be an actor. In 2018's interview with GQ Australia, Fimmel stated; "I did a class. I never wanted to be an actor, ever. I still don’t." In 2015's interview with History Channel, he was clear he doesn’t plan on doing the "Hollywood Thing" but that was unavoidable then, as it is now. In 2016, he starred in the fantasy film blockbuster 'Warcraft.' In 2018, the actor was spotted filming for a Vietnam War film 'Danger Close.' 

In 2019, the actor already has his name etched in an upcoming American drama thriller 'Dreamland,' starring alongside Margot Robbie as well as in an upcoming comedy film, 'El Tonto', written and directed by Charlie Day, with an air date yet to be decided. 

Fimmel, whose only dream now is to buy a farm in his homeland Australia, is proving Hollywood is a calling, you get there even if you don't want to. Isn't Ragnar Lothbrok a calling too? Season 6 is calling...