'Vikings' Season 6: Leaked image teases death of a major character, here are two possibilities

'Vikings' Season 6: Leaked image teases death of a major character, here are two possibilities

The final installment of 'Vikings' would definitely witness deaths of major characters, after all the series did not mind killing off its protagonist, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) in season 4. Season 5, which revolved around Ragnar's many sons wrapped up recently and season 6 will be dropping later this year. The creators of the show have managed to keep the History Channel's flagship drama a hush-hush affair, but in the world of internet and hashtags, nothing remains a kept secret for long.

Days ago, a leaked picture of the show did its rounds online and it more than assures a fan-favorite Nordic character dies. Cue, a funeral ceremony on the port of Kattegat where Ubbe, Torvi and Gunnhild peer over a Viking ship with hundreds of people behind them. The Vikings are said to bury their loved ones at sea, after setting their body on fire in a boat and sending it off into the ocean, like we had seen when Queen Aslaug was murdered.

Now, the bigger question of the leaked picture is who is it who dies?


Fans are taking wild guesses, but a majority believes it is Lagertha, the ultimate shieldmaiden of the show, played by Kathryn Winnick, who also is making her directorial this coming season. The Seer had prophecized that Lagertha would be killed by one of Ragnar's sons and it looks like the prophecy is going to be fulfilled.

The actress herself had teased in several interviews that Lagertha's fate would come to a full circle. Eagle-eyed fans have observed the shield used on the boat, is blue, black and red which are Lagertha's colors.

However, absent from the picture, is also Bjorn, the current king of Kattegat. Fans fear Bjorn will be killed by his stepbrother Ivar the Boneless, who heads to Rus to raise his army of Rus Vikings to seek revenge on his brothers especially Bjorn and Lagertha, who killed Ivar's mother, Aslaug. 

The possibility that it could be Bjorn is highlighted by the fact that Gunnhild is standing alongside the royal family, but her husband is missing. Even worse than either of these two characters dying, would be the death of both. We hope not.



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