'Vikings' season 6: Promo teaser reveals what looks like Ivar's revenge from Rus and Freydis' return

Less than a day after the season 5 finale of 'Vikings', a promo teaser for season 6 is out and fans are baffled by how epic it looks!

                            'Vikings' season 6: Promo teaser reveals what looks like Ivar's revenge from Rus and Freydis' return

Vikings season 5 just wrapped with an epic battle between Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) and Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) with the former emerging victorious to be crowned king of Kattegat. Hardly a day has passed and an official trailer for season 6 is out, indicating the final installment will return sooner than we expected. How exciting!

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Norsemen lick your wounds now. But never forget. The war is not over ⚔️ Season VI of #VIkings coming to @HISTORY soon!

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The 20-second trailer released, shows a new way of life for all our characters, especially Bjorn and Ivar. Ruling in all his might, we see Bjorn a celebrated king but just like the Seer told Bjorn in a vision, the war is not over yet. We see Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in her shieldmaiden self saying: "We must prepare for another attack."

Midway through season 5B and even until its final moments, Lagertha wasn't the same warrior woman we once knew. The incident of Ragnar's death as well as the shock of seeing Bishop Heahmund axed on the battlefield, left Lagertha to conclude that "life is about suffering." However, this is not the avatar we see of Lagertha in season 6. Her hair is as long and braided as it used to be, and, best of all, she is raising a battalian of bada** shieldmaidens who will protect Bjorn's kingdom.

Ivar is in a snowy and picturesque land, which could very much be Russia because that's where Michael Hirst, the creator of 'Vikings', said season 6 would explore. "We should unleash our forces against our brothers," Ivar is heard telling someone, but the main question is, who is he talking to? The trailer has blurred the face of Ivar's potential ally, but Hvitserk, Ubbe and Bjorn, his remaining brothers, are all against Ivar.

Then we see the Vikings army on sandy shores, and in another second, men drowning in waters engulfed with flames. As the teaser begins to crescendo, we witness Hvitserk in bloodshot eyes, looking unrecognizable as fire rages in the backdrop.

"We are not just fighting for ourselves, but for our gods," Bjorn proclaims as we get glimpses of men on a white horse, a shot of Ubbe, and best of all, of Freydis. However, Freydis was killed by Ivar in the season 5 finale, so the woman we see could be a doppelganger and a possible love interest of Ivar in Russia.

The teaser concludes with Lagertha mournfully saying "he died for all of us." Excited fans have taken to social media to guess what may unfurl in the upcoming final season and to breakdown the short teaser.