'Vikings' Season 6 preview: Gustaf Skarsgård confirms we haven't seen the last of Floki, fans don't think he's the next Seer

Floki's storyline in season 5 was incomplete. Is he even alive and how shook was his belief when he found a Cross instead of Odin?

                            'Vikings' Season 6 preview: Gustaf Skarsgård confirms we haven't seen the last of Floki, fans don't think he's the next Seer

Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) overthrew Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) from Kattegat and the dead Seer appeared to warn Bjorn that the war isn't over yet. With that closure and disclosure, 'Vikings' wrapped up season 5 with so many unanswered questions, it made us think, overthink and question what happens next, especially when it comes to one character who was nowhere to be seen on the finale, Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).

What even happened to the boat builder, Ragnar Lothbrok's confidant and the man who was speculated to be the next Seer? The answer is, he was deceived by the gods the last time we checked. Earlier in season 5, Floki embarked on his spiritual journey after getting shipwrecked in an unknown land, which he thought was Asgard.

The sightings pretty much confirmed the land was unearthly, as he saw gods walk through the waterfalls. He went back to Kattegat at a time Lagertha reigned and selected a handful of people to sail to the "land of the gods" and start their own little civilization.

Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki (IMDb)
Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki (IMDb)

With great adversity, Floki and his flock got to the land, but then the place looked nothing like it had initially appeared, and the flock accompanying him felt betrayed. With the enlightened note that humans will always be humans, Floki's great adventure in the land of the gods turned out to be the most hostile, futile and above all, most boring scenes in episodes that promised much action.

Without delving much into the nuances of his journey, where basically everyone gets killed or commits suicide, except for the bad guy, suffice to say Floki ends up alone in the penultimate episode. "I am done with humans," says Floki and marches forward to find a cave.


The penultimate episode of season 5 was titled 'What Happens in the Cave,' and what happens is Floki's greatest disappointment. We once knew Floki as a man of impulsive action, but his evolution in season 5 identifies him as a man of a thoughtful temperament, so ardently spiritually bent, he can sense the cave is where the gods are.

Floki believes in true gods, and his true gods have always been Thor, Odin, Freyr and all the Norse gods. In fact, his belief in the true gods is so committed, he has always been hostile towards the Saxons for believing in the Christian god. What happens in the cave, changes it all. His tumultuous journey comes to an end when he finds a Cross instead of his gods, and that, of course, shatters him.

He giggles, lets out a scream and the boulders come falling down inside the cave. That's how the penultimate episode ends, and that's how the season ends for Floki. The impending question as to whether Floki is alive or not is in every viewer's mind. So, here comes the answer; Floki is alive.

In Skarsgård's recent interview, the actor confirmed viewers haven’t seen the last appearance of Floki just yet. "[How we pick up with Floki] is something that must remain under wraps, because it’s so important and so emotional and so fantastic." Strictly abiding to a no-spoilers restriction, the actor said he wouldn't give away any spoilers. But, in a way, he kind of did. Floki still has more to go. 

Fans speculated Floki will have a character transformation and perhaps become a Christian. "Floki will return and become Christian. Baffled so many think he will be Seer," a Reddit user wrote. Another Reddit user believes the show will take a "sloppy direction" if he becomes the Seer. "It just struck me as sloppy direction for one of main characters," the user wrote.