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'Vikings' Season 6: Alicia Agneson featured in trailer, could Freydis be resurrected?

Freydis was strangled to death by Ivar the Boneless in the season 5 finale and her body was found by Bjorn and Hvitserk next to the bones of her infant, so, how is she back?
UPDATED FEB 12, 2020
Alicia Agneson (Source: Getty Images)
Alicia Agneson (Source: Getty Images)

The season 5 finale of 'Vikings,' witnessed many deaths but one, in particular, was a case of gone too soon. At first, hated, and towards the end, much loved, Freydis, Ivar's so-called evil queen won our hearts just minutes before she was brutally strangled by Ivar the Boneless. 

Freydis was a former slave who was freed by Ivar and he was awestruck by her beauty and boldness. Their love story escalated pretty quick and Freydis kept emphasizing that Ivar was a god, thanks to his deformity, he is the chosen one. She had a major role in fueling Ivar's evilness and proved she was equally evil when she used a commoner to impregnate herself, deluding Ivar (thought to be impotent) to think it was his child.

In episode 18 titled 'Baldur,' Freydis delivers the baby, but the child is born with a deformity. Ivar cannot bear to see it, as he finds it a reflection of his own deformity, and denies to acknowledge the child before ultimately killing him by leaving him in the woods. The scene very much echoed season 2, where Ragnar also left Ivar to die, but Aslaug came to save her son.

In this case, Freydis could not. So, she betrayed Ivar by helping Bjorn and his army sneak into Kattegat. Freydis, as bold as she was when we first met her, told Ivar she had let them in to overthrow him during the siege of Kattegat. She was strangled by Ivar in the most heart-wrenching of scenes.

After season 5 wrapped up, many were mourning Freydis' tragic death and talking about how she wasn't that evil, after all. Then, the trailer for season 6 released and there, we saw Freydis again. This time, however, she had dark straight hair, in contrast to her blonde waves. 

13 seconds into the trailer, you will see Freydis looking almost unrecognizable. As fans took to comment and question if it was really her, the actress who plays Freydis, Alicia Agneson, recently confirmed her return in season 6. Sharing a picture of the 'Vikings' set on her Instagram Stories, she wrote; "Oh happy days on the set of @historyvikings," and tagged her location as Kattegat.

Now that there's proof we are going to see Freydis again, the question persists as to how is that possible? Her dead body was found by Bjorn and Hvitserk on the bed next to the bones of her son. Well, the answer could very much lie in her hair. With darker hair, she could very much be a lookalike of Freydis, who Ivar meets in Rus.

This could also be a continuous examination of Ivar's state of mind, as he sure is guilty of killing only the second woman he has ever loved, after his mother. It could be his delusional mind playing tricks on him. She, however, could be a potential love interest to Ivar, if so, we will see how similar or distinct their love stories are when the season airs.

Another interesting theory about her return is the theory that Freydis could be the goddess, Freyr. In episode 11 of season 5, she was likened to the god Harbard, who took human form and had sex with many women, including Aslaug. Odin also took a human avatar when Ragnar died. So, even if 'Vikings' isn't a supernatural show, it is possible that Freydis could be a god in human form. 

This has only piqued our interest and we can't wait for season 6 to drop and shed light on Freydis' resurrections among other things.